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Hi there,


I created a custom module and added a "Summary" widget to the users profile page, but when clicking the gridview items "name" atribute link, the platform redirects to the user profile page instead of redirecting to the item view form.



The link the platform is creating is ".../profile/[id]" instead of ".../custommodule/[id]".


I'm using X2Engine V5.0.4, but I've tried to replicate this behaviour using the X2Engine website demo (v5.0.5) and this bug (in my opinion) stills happens. Does anyone have detected the same issue or knows a possible solution to this?



Thanks in advance.

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Hi jlbandeira,


I think its x2 bug, and to fix this you need to customize the code.
I have fixed it changing a line of code here
Line # 118 protected\components\sortableWidget\profileWidgets\TemplatesGridViewProfileWidget.php
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Hi Derek,


Please keep in mind while fixing this bug in upcoming version that on selecting tool from column selector the view/update/delete buttons also directs to profile page instead of the relevant pages. This happens for all summary widgets (both x2 built in and custom modules).



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