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Request for two Marketing Features

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Simply put, I've been using the platform with great success for about 6 months, but I'm keen to see a couple of things that would simplify my life substantially if they could be implemented:


1) VERP Management

Simply to deal with bounces etc.  I do know there are modifications to PHPList to accommodate SugarCRM, but I don't know enough about SugarCRM to understand how far seperated the mechanisms are.. (Therefore allowing a simpler way to implement VERP). I mean, if only we could find a SugarCRM expert...  They'd know... ;)


2) Contact List Duplication

Basically just a button to recreate a marketing list.  Some of my dynamic lists are extremely specific, and I'm not a fan of re-making a list with 60 parameters (I remove clients that have already bought from mailers for a while), so I tend to just reuse them endlessly.


Anyway, thought I'd throw those two out there as things I'd love to see in a future release.

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Bounce/spam/server throttling... those are all pretty complicated things to setup and maintain if done right.  We are almost done w/ our email marketing module that will have those integrated... but they use SMTP's (mandrill for example) to handle that stuff.  We just get notified via webhook if bounces/spam happens.

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