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Hello Selvamanian,


The easiest way to add tables to X2 is to create a new module. This creates a nice contained environment for your work where you can include the models, views, and controllers for your functionality. With the model, a database table is created automatically. Then, all of the required fields that are used internally will be added, such as Fields and Dropdowns.



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You can create your new table as you would ordinarily with MySQL, either command line, phpmyadmin, or the such, and if desired create a new model class in your module to use this table. You can use the existing model class in your module at protected/modules/modulename/models/Modulename.php as a reference.


If you plan on distributing your module, I would suggest modifying the protected/modules/modulename/data/install.sql to create this new table and populate the x2_fields table with the field metadata.

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