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[Solved] After an update from 5.02 to 5.03 no actions available

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I've done an update to the newest version 5.03.

After I log in there comes an error.


(address: http://localhost/x2engine/index.php/profile/1)

Fatal error: Class 'ProfileDashboard' not found in J:\xampp\htdocs\x2engine\framework\web\CWidgetFactory.php on line 147


I couldn't do anything right now.



After that error, it seems that I am logged in, because I can go to another link in x2engine.

(f.e. http://localhost/x2engine/index.php/admin/index)


Any suggestions?





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I'm not sure how this got left out of your updates...


As a quick fix, try downloading the file and manually inserting it, though it may not be the only file missing. 




The source of this problem is most likely due to the windows file system being case-insensitive (there used to be profileDashboard.php in the same directory in 5.0.3b).

With that, this is the only file that will be missing, and your installation should be correct after inserting this file. 





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