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manually building a WebLead Form

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Hello Community,

I think to remember that I was reaing something about a wway to customize WebLead Forms in the Open Source Edition, can't find it though. I think it was done by doing a manual html form and linking it via api to x2engine!


Can someone point me to the link on how to do that and give me an example code?


I'm not a programmer, I just learn the stuff I need, therefore I would appreciate it a lot to get such an example.


I want to publish the Form on my WordPress Site!


Thank you very much!



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Hello Rene,


Yes, you are correct, it is done by building the HTML form and using the API to populate X2 with the data submitted from the form. You can find an example which uses the legacy API in the root of the source in the files webLead.php and leadCapture.php. It shouldn't be much of a stretch to adopt this example to the new API using the documentation at: http://wiki.x2engine.com/wiki/REST_API_Reference



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