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Hello Community,

I would like to be able to upoad images to a folder on the server and than import a csv-file with information of my products. Included will be a link to the file on the server! So next to the product I can see the picture than!



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Hello Rene,


You will need to add two new fields to the Products module to do this. The first should be a URL field for the picture URL, and the second should be a custom field of type "HTML" for the actual picture.


For the template, add an HTML img tag, and for the src attribute, use the new picture URL field that you previously added to products. You can also add CSS for styling. Please see the attached image for an example in the field editor.

<img src="{c_pictureUrl}" />

You can then import your CSV file with the URLs to the images and test the fields and form layouts.




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Hello Raymond,

today I tried that trick from above. It is not working. The Fields are all correct, but when I try to create the Picture field that you demonstrated on the screenshot, I'm missing the option "adjustments" under "Attributes"

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Yes, that dropdown is used to insert attributes, it's not required that you use "adjustments," sorry to mislead in the screenshot.


Please verify the fields: there should be two new custom fields, one of type "url" for the link, and another of type "custom". The custom HTML in the second field should use the insertable attribute associated with the first URL field. In the layouts, make sure the appropriate field is being used: I customized my products module to display the URL field on edits, and display the custom image HTML on views.

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