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New Email Marketing Module - Give your Feedback

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We are in the process of building a new email marketing module that we will use internally and sell to the community.


We would like your feedback.  Here are some features we have planned, they may not all get in, but this is the initial line up:


Update 5/27/2015

Our new "Slingshot" module is almost ready for beta testers.  See the updated list of current features below.


Target Lists - More Advanced "Dynamic" Lists:

  • Create lists that filter by contact fields, contact tags, contact lists (x2's contact lists), process stage, related entity fields, etc...
  • Ability to create sub-lists (sort of like list segmentation), when unsubscribes happen on an email to a sub-list, both parent and child are unsubscribed.

Screenshot: https://goo.gl/RrWd2J


Rocks - Email Campaigns On Steroids 

  • 3 different types of campaigns: Normal Blast, Autoresponder (used in x2flows), SMS (text message)
  • Scheduled sending
  • Split testing (split test from, reply-to, subject, body)
  • Conditional email content (using twig syntax)
  • Send to multiple lists (X2 static/dynamic contact lists and Target Lists).
  • Ability to send to multiple email addresses per contact.
  • Unsubscribe handling for all list types (on a per email address basis instead of contact basis).  
  • Suppression list handling (add email addresses that should never be emailed).
  • Sandbox mode - Test email sending to larget lists without sending to the real contacts.  All emails are sent to a test email address.
  • Open tracking (unique and total)
  • Per link click tracking (unique and total)
  • Hard bounce tracking - Automatically added to suppression list
  • Soft bounce tracking - 5 soft bounces automatically becomes a hard bounce.
  • Spam report tracking
  • Ability to clone campaigns.
  • Mandrill integration
  • Twilio integration

Screenshot: @todo

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Honestly Mate, that seems reasonably all-inclusive.


The only thing I could think of is the ability to use the dynamic list builder to allow sets of AND/OR choices instead of sticking to just one, ie a heap of job titles (so not appropriate for inlist check) and then a big AND, followed by another series of or statements, maybe for city/state/whatever.


Randomised send order would be useful - I don't think processing them via domain alphabetically is ideal, although it  depends on whether there's a separate MTA.

Sounds like you're a bit further along in the process than I am - what ideas I have that have materialised are mostly cheap and cheerful pages that tear into sql directly, but there's method in the madness... :)


I'd certainly be curious to hear more though...

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We are using this on our production server.  We haven't released it yet because it has a big problem:  If you don't have a BEEFY server/dbserver... it will blow it up :).  


We are making changes so that it will run on lower end machines without killing sending speed.

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this is useless unless I can use the leads in the leads module. 

Useless is kind of a harsh word.  


We didn't have any "leads" integration b/c in the past leads were only converted to opportunities.  Now you can convert to a lead to contact which makes them basically a contact with a different name.


What functionality does a lead have that a contact does not?  Is it just the separation between types (we do that w/ a dropdown field on contacts)?

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I think leads modules are reasonably common, but they are for slow-paces sales so I'm not sure how much they get used in CRMs built for the digital age, really.  I've never understood the need for a seperate level of ranking.  I encouraged me team to just pay more attention to what they were doing... :)


Leads is just a good way to lose track of where your contacts area.  I had forgotten it was there at all as I disabled it on Day 1.

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We are using it, but have stopped development on it and probably won't release it.  It now has some customizations specific to us, and we don't test it on new installs.


How many dev hours did it take you to make this Email Marketing Module? I am looking to make something similar. 

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How many dev hours did it take you to make this Email Marketing Module? I am looking to make something similar. 


I really don't know.    It was a couple years ago.   If I was going to do it again, I would have done it differently.   Probably just created a plugin that syncs lists to a 3rd party email marketing platform like Activecampaign.

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