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i'm new here and i've done a search through the topics, but i wasn't able to find an user with the same issues - in any case, apologizes if this is a duplicated matter.


My installed X2 Engine version 4.3, after a while working with no problems in the platform, stops loading, and returns 500 internal error.


I've checked the server log, and the error alternates between:


Premature end of script headers: index.php 


and the warning:


mod_fcgid: can't apply process slot for /var/www/cgi-bin/cgi_wrapper/cgi_wrapper



do you have any clue of why this is happening?


any thought would be highly appreciated.


thank you very much,


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Hello Janica,


Based on this post on StackOverflow [1], it sounds like your server's resources were exhausted. You can try adjusting the value of the FcgidMaxProcesses directive in your Apache configuration. The accepted answer suggests using a simple trial run with Apache Bench ("ab") to determine a suitable value for this variable on your system.





[1] https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18680949/high-cpu-mod-fcgid-cant-apply-process-slot

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