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[Solved] Strange character before £ symbol...

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I have just started using this CRM software and despite it being a little tricky, i am getting there.


I am just trying to create a template document and when it displays the 'invoice lines' i am getting the following displayed:




I have searched the forums and added a few bits of code which was recommended. I shouldn't have to do a download as this was only installed yesterday?!?!


Please help if you can. Thanks.

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Thanks Raymond,


Any idea when the next release is due please ?


If it's any help, I noticed that if I force the Character Encoding to Unicode in Firefox it is fine, but when I reload the 'print invoice' report the encoding goes back to 'Western' and the problem returns.




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The next release should be available in about two weeks, no hard date yet for the next release. The fix is exactly as you mention: I've explicitly set the encoding in the header. If you'd like to patch your instance, you can apply the following diff to protected/modules/quotes/controllers/QuotesController.php

        public function actionPrint($id) {
+               header('Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8'); 
                echo $this->getPrintQuote($id);


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