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web form leads for friend referalls

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thHey Community,

I'm very new to HTML programing and since I use the x2engineCRM version on my domain I need to create a custom HTML form and embed that using the webl lead api, but since I'm using WordPress for my Website I was wonderng how to make this, can I simply use the HTML-Editor in WordPress and assign this somehow to x2engine? It's just a pitty that the function to edit web lead forms in the free editions is blocked, since it helps startups to grow so easily.




customer name

customer email


friend one first name

friend one last name

friend one email

friend one mobile

friend one street

friend one city

friend one province

friend one postal code

friend one country


friend two...



Ok What I basically want is, that everyone of my clients can reffer lets say 5 persons two me. Now the for every new friend I became submitted I want a new contact inside the contact tab, with some preassigned infos from me. Furthermore x2engineCRM should  write relationsships, like the customer who recommended those people gets an entry saying "recommended the following persons" and the recommended persons will have the relationsship set to "recommended by Customer name"



thanks, René!


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