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Multi-tenant (multi-company)

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Has anyone tried to make X2 multi-tenant ... i.e. where you can have one database but either:


1. use a 'company-ID' record identifier (key) on ever table




2. use a table-prefix on every table, i.e.:











To do either would only work well if there was only one class or module where I/O (read, write) is done.


Any ideas?






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No, I never got a solution... not with X2 or any other database. No one that I know of has a multi-tenant system out there... and I looked all over for one.


While we use X2 for some non-mission-critical small projects, because of so much early-adoption instability we went back to SugarCRM... and when Sugar decided to close down their open-source system we moved to the fork called SuiteCRM which has been solid for us.


X2 has developed into a very nice system and when someone comes up with a way to import most of the SuiteCRM data (leads and accounts) we'd take a serious look at using X2 for production. 

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