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Problems with embeding Images to a Document

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Hello Community, since my Startup is going to be released in a few weeks I need to put more effort in editing the OpenSource Version of x2engine, there I will mostlikley post a lot of questions here, hoping no to bother anyone.


Now, to my actual problem:


I was creating a Document where I e.g. want to post several ideas for our logo. So like writing "possibility 1: PICTURE 1 PICTURE 2" But I somehow  can't embed the pictures.I hit the embedding picture button and than hit "upload" but after uploading the URL is not embeded into the URL fields. When opening the picture under media I can assign it to the documents tab.


When I'm entering the URL myself http://www.my-domain.com/Intranet/uploads/media/myname/Filename.jpg  I'm just shown the red button inside the lorem ipsum preview area and the picture is not included.


So my question is: How can I assign Photos to a Document?



thank you very much!




Since I learned from another topic to use the link from the "Files Widget" I gave it a try nothing new. take a look.post-9862-0-53141000-1406789532_thumb.png

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Guest X2Tony



In the image you posted, you've put the filename in the URL field. This is why you see a red X.


In order to embed a photo, the image must be hosted somewhere. This is addressed by the media module. Upload your image there and then click the image to get its URL. Copy that URL and paste it into the URL field in the image properties tab.



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ok, I tried to upload it in x2engine, than I took the link to the folder where those uploads are stored and added the filenames as URL. Didn't work though.


So I just pased the pictures into the Document via copy and paste

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Thats great it works with copy+paste!

About using the URL though, were you creating it based on your server's path, including the /protected ?

Due to the htaccess rules and Yii's routing facilities, the web server will not allow access to files behind the /protected directory. You will need to right-click and copy the URL to the uploaded Media through the Media module.

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