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Hello bkudrle,


Yes, there has been some discussion about the upgrade to Yii 2.0. This will be a massive undertaking with a project of this size, so it is not on our plate in the near future (as a side note, the upgrade from RoR 2 to 3 was brutal, especially compared with the upgrade from 3 to 4, so it is likely upgrading Yii will involve a similar amount of work). We cannot even begin until Yii 2 reaches stable (it is currently in beta, released Apr 13, 2014, see: http://www.yiiframework.com/news/77/yii-2-0-beta-is-released/), and after that the whole undertaking can take months.



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Thanks, Raymond, for the reply. It is good to know that there is some thought about the potential upgrade. Like you said, it will probably be a lot of work to upgrade and will need to wait for the stable release. From just playing around with the Yii 2.0 Beta, though, it looks like there are some really nice improvements. I guess time will tell what would be most valuable from an X2CRM perspective and when it makes sense to upgrade. 

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Yes, I agree, it sounds like the Yii team have made a number of great improvements! There are certainly some new features that will help clean up the codebase and allow for a more legible syntax, but there was apparently a large overhaul with Active Record that will make some parts of X2 a challenge to upgrade.

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