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Guest x2demitri

Update 6/6: Version 4.1.2 (stable) 4.1.3 is now released!


(4.1.2 had a few references to Platinum-edition code in lesser edition, causing breakage, so 4.1.3 replaces it)


Hello all,


To fix some more of the problems in 4.1 (and some of those in 4.1.1), we are releasing another new version, 4.1.2. However, from this point forward, we are going to begin the practice of public beta releases before the official release of each version. This will ensure that the new version gets at least some exposure to diverse server environments and use cases before it goes to all production instances around the world, and will thus be more stable when released to the broader userbase. Version 4.1.2 and all future versions will thus be released to all installations that have beta releases enabled, while all other releases may have to wait a few days to a week before updating to the latest version. Furthermore, users who want the newest features and bug fixes sooner will be able to get them sooner.


To enable beta releases: 

(1) Create a file "constants-custom.php" in the root level of X2Engine. You can easily do this by renaming "constants-custom.example.php" to that name (remove ".custom").

(2) Look for the following line, and in it, change "false" to "true":

defined('X2_UPDATE_BETA') or define('X2_UPDATE_BETA',false);

The ability to do things this way and the decision to take our release process in this direction has been a long time coming. We hope that this new arrangement will be mutually beneficial.

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