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Guest x2demitri

This is, first and foremost, a big release for us. There are numerous new features and adjustments to the look and feel, most prominently, 4.0 introduces a new responsive, mobile-friendly layout that makes X2Engine easier to use on a touchscreen. It replaces the "X2Touch" interface; we've completely done away with that part of the app.


Furthermore, we're introducing a new edition to our software: "Platinum Edition".


GitHub Repository

Download from GitHub

Download from SourceForge


4.0 Highlights:

  • New in Platinum Edition:
    • Browser fingerprinting system supplements web activity tracker for when contacts have cookies disabled
    • Administrators can set default themes for all users
    • The ability to import/export themes
    • The ability to import and export flows from X2Flow
    • Partner branding template (for authorized partners)
  • New in Professional Edition:
    • Improvements to the actions publisher:
      • New "products" tab, for logging the use of products in a project or with a contact (for example)
      • New "event" tab through which calendar events associated with the record can be created
      • Which tabs it displays can be customized
  • Responsive UI replaces X2Touch and makes the application more easy to use on a mobile device
  • Improved Relationships widget with the ability to link to any type of record, including custom modules
  • New Administrative tools:
    • Can import any data type with the power and flexibility that was previously limited to contact imports
    • New simpler data export for modules that emulates the exporter previously limited to Contacts
    • Can customize the application name and description
  • FTP-based file management for compatibility with systems where files and directories are not owned by the web server (documentation coming soon)
  • New look & feel including new icon-based activity feed buttons and login page
  • Bug fixes to the Marketing module, updater, and more:
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