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I'm sure it's somewhere in documentation - but I have been unable to find where/how I setup an email notification for when a new contact is added to the system and assigned to a person or a Process is started.


We have a 3rd party service who is doing telemarketing, entering the contact into the system for us and assigning it to our sales queue - but we'd like to receive a notification when someone adds it so I can ensure things are going at the pace it's being entered and not "batched" up at the end or beginning of the day.


Can someone point me to where this is?



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Guest x2demitri

There are a few ways in which this can happen. In pro edition, if you set up a user web lead email template, it will send an email when someone fills in your website's "contact us" form. You can also do it via X2Flow in a variety of ways; one possible action is to send an email.

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You can send email (by CC or BCC) to any email via X2Flow.


1. Thru "Admin" link on your X2 CRM panel go to "Workflow & Process Tools"

2. Under "Workflow & Process Tools" select sub-menu "X2Workflow"

3. On new window, select "Create New Workflow"

4. New window with heading "Create Workflow" will open

5. Under "Select Trigger" choose "New Web Lead" (this for my case was one of the data sets I wanted forwarded where)

6. Add "Name" and "Description" of your workflow

7. When you selected "New Web Lead", an icon (bull's eye) loaded at the bottom

8. In the "Actions Bank" box drag and drop the widget named "Email" next to the bull's eye icon

9. Simply complete the details that appear at the bottom of grid after step number 8

10. Save


For clarity purposes, I used above process to forward all new leads sent to X2CRM (from Web Lead Form) to also be sent to other email addresses.


(Mine is an X2CRM Open Source Edition - Version 7.1)


Hope this makes someone's life just a tiny little wee bit easier!



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