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X2CRM 3.7 Released

Guest x2demitri

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Guest x2demitri

This release features, most prominently, a completely redesigned Profile / "Home" page, that gives a vastly more powerful and broad overview of information in X2CRM.


Furthermore, we know how some of you have had some difficulties with email campaigns sending email. We've had that difficulty ourselves! (Yes, we use our own software.) So, also included in this version is a completely new and more robust batch emailing system that features a real-time progress bar.


Finally, in Professional Edition, we added the beginnings of a better time-tracking system: the case timer. It acts as a stopwatch on service cases and allows you to quickly and easily record and publish logs of time spent on a case, performing any variety of activities (the types of activities can be configured with the Dropdown Editor).


Download Links:





X2CRM 3.7


New in this release (see CHANGELOG for full history)

  • Powerful new all-in-one user home page, featuring:
    • Re-positionable sections
    • Accounts, contacts and opportunities grid views
    • User and event charts
    • Doc viewer
    • Users grid displaying active users
    • Activity feed
  • Inline quotes widget now available in Services, Accounts, Opportunities and custom modules
  • New lighter, cleaner look and feel
  • Case timer: track time spent on service cases and easily publish
  • New campaign batch emailing method that displays real-time progress
  • "Workflow" module renamed to "Process"
  • Fixed Bugs:
    • 541: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
    • 550: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
    • 711: Property "X2Calendar.autoCompleteSource" is not defined.
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