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Unsubscribe Function for Mass E-Mail Campaigns

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Hi guys, I very desperately want to know how to use X2CRMs unsubscribe function for email marketing campaigns, but the tutorial video concerning it doesn't appear to be working for me (http://www.x2engine.com/marketing_campaigns_in_x2crm/).


Can anyone tell me how to successfully utilise the automated unsubscribe feature for X2CRM mailing lists when I send mass mail-outs?

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Ok, so I figured out that the unsubscribe feature automatically attaches itself to the bottom of every email sent through a campaign. Now, I'd like to know how to reformat the text around the link, and move the unsubscribe link further up the email? Anyone?

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Being able to customize the unsubscribe link would be a sensible feature to have. Unfortunately it's not possible yet. There is, however, a way of positioning the unsubscribe link within your email. Placing the insertable attribute "{_unsub}" in your campaign text will cause the unsubscribe link be positioned wherever the insertable attribute is, instead of at the end of the email body.

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