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Found 8 results

  1. Please join us for our latest X2CRM tech talk. This episode covers: Click this link to start the webcast: https://player.vimeo.com/external/178109309.hd.mp4?s=bfac62231810748afd5f3db338b93b0824f9b466&profile_id=174 X2CRM 6.0.3/4 Update X2 Riders Guide for CRM Performance Community Development Framework X2Bulk Email with AWS Jasper Reporting for X2CRM X2CRM 6.1 Roadmap If you would like to participate in a future X2TechTalk, please send an email to techtalk@X2engine.com
  2. Last week we released X2CRM version 6.0. This release has a number of exciting features but first I would like to provide a general X2Engine | X2CRM update and forward looking road map for the remainder of this year. Founded in 2011 and after five years of growth we are now at the stage where X2CRM Cloud Hosting Services now can fully fund company operations – thank you X2VPS customers. At the same time it was felt 6.0 was the right time to fully open source X2Platinum Edition. With version 6, all commercial X2CRM editions have now been combined into a single release and relicensed under t
  3. In chrome I just noticed this error on the console: Refused to execute script from 'https://my_x2_url/webTracker.php'because its MIME type ('text/html') is not executable, and strict MIME type checking is enabled. I can probably modify the .htaccess file in my X2 directory to make Apache serve it properly (as text/javascript, I'm guessing), but was wondering if there was an easy way to specify the MIME type from directly in the php file (I don't know the first thing about PHP or how/when different stages are set up and executed by Apache). Thanks!
  4. Hi, Was evaluating the use of this software but the mentions of X2Engine and X2CRM on SourceForge kind of confused me. I tried searching around but was unable to find an answer to this. I have installed X2Engine and would like to know if X2CRM are same or different. Can anyone let me know what are the differences between the two?
  5. Hello, I have a problem When I export my contacts from Outlook as "CSV-Files" they look like: Title, "firstname", "other firstnames", "last name", "company" etc. (this is one row) the next row is the contact details devided like the categories above. every row has one contact. How can I import this to x2engine (free edition) in order to use them with my contacts tab? thanks!
  6. Hello Community, I have x2Engine running in WAMP on my x64 Window 8 machine. When I create an Module and export it, that attached fields are not all exported. e.g. I have a dropdown included, which will be coppied but not it's contents. Any Idea why this is happening? thanks René!
  7. Hello, I did a complete export of all Records but when I reimport them to a new instance of x2engine I installed in wamp to test settings etc on my local system the import seems to fail. I open the page to import all records and click on choose file. Now on the next screen there is the button: "Click here" unter "Process import Data" but when I click that nothing happens. Any Idea on how to solve this? regards René!
  8. Guest

    Bug Report Template

    This post has been somewhat replaced by our new bug report system from within the software. If you've submitted the bug through that, we're aware of it even if we haven't gotten back to you yet. If you'd just prefer to post the report on the forums so that you can have a bit more community interaction, that's fine and we appreciate as much information from the following list as possible: Information we'd like from you: X2EngineCRM VersionModule the Bug is Located In (Contacts, Actions, etc.)Copy/Paste of the PHP Error (if there is one)HTML Error Code (if there is one)A Brief Description of
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