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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I downloaded what I thought was the community edition from https://github.com/X2Engine/X2CRM/archive/6.9.tar.gz For some reason it is asking for a Product Key. I can get a working version by downloading from https://github.com/X2Engine/X2Engine/archive/master.zip, but this does not allow me to choose a version. Can anyone point me to the correct link so I can get individual versions in the open source edition? Thank you,
  2. We created a public Docker image for X2CRM v6.9, running php7-fpm, NGINX and the superbly lightweight Alpine! Get it here https://hub.docker.com/r/perfectleap/docker-x2crm/ Feel free to inspect and / or fork the code on GitHub: https://github.com/perfectleap/docker-x2crm Feedback welcome! :D
  3. Hey all, Jake here with a quick guide on creating a new language pack. The first thing you're going to want to do is copy the "templates" folder and rename your copied folder to the two letter language code for your language. A list of these codes can be found here: http://www.loc.gov/s...nglish_list.php Once you've created that folder, the next step is to open "app.php" and change the entry for languageName to your language name (Español, Deutch, Français etc.). Attached is a screenshot showing the relevant info for this step.At this point, your language will show up in X2CRM's langu
  4. Hello everyone, Boy this TechTalk is a bit overdue, I delayed it a few week so we could give 6.5 more time. It does provide good introductions to new location or X2Checkin, Google Maps, major Calendaring and Google sync improvements and X2Touch mobile 2.0 features. We are about to release 6.5.2 within the next few days. Over the coming weeks we are planning to do major documentation, video and website updates to help show you how to easily design, deploy and manage your X2CRM system. X2TechTalk V: X2CRM 6.5 Preview https://player.vimeo.com/external/196632087.hd.mp4?s=227542a26cc857c45004c3
  5. Please join us for our latest X2CRM tech talk. This episode covers: Click this link to start the webcast: https://player.vimeo.com/external/178109309.hd.mp4?s=bfac62231810748afd5f3db338b93b0824f9b466&profile_id=174 X2CRM 6.0.3/4 Update X2 Riders Guide for CRM Performance Community Development Framework X2Bulk Email with AWS Jasper Reporting for X2CRM X2CRM 6.1 Roadmap If you would like to participate in a future X2TechTalk, please send an email to techtalk@X2engine.com
  6. Hello X2CRM Community, Yesterday we released X2CRM open source version 6.0.2 in both web and mobile apps. For a dot release it features several new and powerful features. Also checkout another short 16 minute X2CRM Tech Talk video where demo each of the new X2CRM features below. Link to X2CRM 6.0.2 Tech Talk Demo Webcast X2CRM Mobile Android and iOS Apps X2CRM 6.0.2 introduces a number of new mobile application enhancements. X2CRM is fast becoming a primary tool for mobile users by allowing the full contact action history to be seen on mobile devices. A new tab interface now allows users t
  7. Hi folks! We're starting a new thing here at X2Engine--weekly developer tech talks. Every Thursday we'll be having a GoToMeeting session where we talk about X2CRM, give advice and information on the development process, and show off cool things that people (at X2Engine or in the community) have been working on. If you'd like to get involved with future tech talks, send an email to techtalk@x2engine.com! Today's Tech Talk covered the following information: Introduction to X2CRM Opensource and 6.0Mobile and themes with JosefGetting involved with development with JakeAn overview of the pack
  8. Last week we released X2CRM version 6.0. This release has a number of exciting features but first I would like to provide a general X2Engine | X2CRM update and forward looking road map for the remainder of this year. Founded in 2011 and after five years of growth we are now at the stage where X2CRM Cloud Hosting Services now can fully fund company operations – thank you X2VPS customers. At the same time it was felt 6.0 was the right time to fully open source X2Platinum Edition. With version 6, all commercial X2CRM editions have now been combined into a single release and relicensed under t
  9. Hello X2CRM Community, Today we are very excited to release X2CRM version 5.2 in open source, Professional and Platinum Editions. This CRM software release has been over ten months in the making and in addition to a ton of new features and general application improvements we have placed special emphasis on quality including over 1,000 automated software unit tests. We have also updated the overall look and feel of X2CRM to provide a more personalized user experience. We hope you like this new version of X2CRM. X2CRM Team Santa Cruz Below is a short release highlight summary, you can also see
  10. Hello X2CRM Community, With X2CRM 5.0 release this past December we have been spending most of 2015 working on fine tuning X2 with a number of small releases ending with 5.0.9. On the side we have been working on our next functional enhancement release, X2CRM 5.2 scheduled for release at the end of July or the first week of August. It is likely we will follow 5.2 with 5.3 in September including additional mostly calendar focused enhancements. We will be sending out newsletters and such with more detail, until then here is high level list of the features planned for 5.2-3 later this month.
  11. Hi, Was evaluating the use of this software but the mentions of X2Engine and X2CRM on SourceForge kind of confused me. I tried searching around but was unable to find an answer to this. I have installed X2Engine and would like to know if X2CRM are same or different. Can anyone let me know what are the differences between the two?
  12. Hello, I am a freelance web developer and I've got one customer using X2CRM that wants me to develop a custom Real Estate module on X2CRM. The modifications would add multiple new database models related to real estate and maybe will also require some redesign of X2CRM's main screen and buttons. I am already experienced with Yii Framework so there's no problem with that. I would like to know what advices do you give me to develop this without breaking the original code and to be able to install updates later. Should I add multiple modules? Or I can develop all the Real Estate functio
  13. Good day everyone! Is there away to put two email address in my contact list? Thanks
  14. Guest

    X2CRM 3.0.1 Released!!

    It's been over a month since our last public release, and we've been hard at work on version 3.0. This is a big milestone and has some excellent improvements over previous versions. Most notably is the realization of a long-term goal: work flow and marketing automation. If you have the professional version, you can now create your own rules, as simple or as complex as you like. X2Flow Automation will instantly react to dozens of different events, automatically reassigning records and sending emails. We have a lot more still in the pipeline, but even in the initial release you can build power
  15. Hi, Just wondering the invoice seems quite generic at the moment once printed, apart from changing the logo and adding notes, is there a possibility of editing it to add fixed contact, payment details? thanks. Regards, Oliver
  16. Guest

    X2CRM 2.2.1

    Thanks to all your helpful feedback on the forums, our release today should fix a whole bunch of different issues. This release is mostly bug fixes, but also contains a few new features, such as an 'insert attribute' button in the WYSIWYG editor for emails and campaign templates. X2EngineCRM 2.2.2 Changelog 11/15/2012Numerous improvements to Contacts importer Improved UI Better reliability [*]WYSIWYG editor now lets you insert record attributes in emails/campaign templates Fixed several bugs with editor [*]Improvements to Service module You can now specify the from address for Service mo
  17. Guest

    X2CRM 2.2

    Today we're releasing version 2.2! There are a lot of new goods in this release, particularly the addition of a service/support module, a much more powerful data import tool, and a new WYSIWYG editor. X2EngineCRM 2.2 Changelog Downloads GitHub Google Code Sourceforge X2Community
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