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Found 7 results

  1. Hey Guys, I think I am missing something. I have installed 2 web lead capture forms on my site url removed in two languages. I have also included a confirmation email process which uses the trackingKey field in a url link to prove someone has visited a confirmation page on my site. If you want to check the process for the user, I have only setup the confirmation email for the English newsletter form in the footer of most pages on the website, others don't send emails yet. Two issues arise from this. 1, In the Contact Web Activity trigger. I cant seem to compare the url removed that'
  2. Im a new (and very impressed) user of X2CRM, so hopefully I have got this bug report right... There seems to be a problem with the email template (optional) "to" email field Assumptions - your login email is "user@email.com" Action - create a email template, and set the (optional) "to email" field to "to@email.com" - create a webform, and set the "user" email to the above mentioned template - embed the form in a website, complete it and submit it Expected (I think, right ??) - an alert email notification/template sent to "to@email.com" Actual - an alert email notification/template sent
  3. Hi guys, my x2 is for some reason not creating a Lead from a web form. I tried everything I could see. On the form it's selected including a lead source. But when completing the form, the contact is created but not a lead. Also no notifications are sent. Can you advice please. Thanks Eugene
  4. Is it possible to send a bulk mail to contacts to update their information such as address en contact cell number themselves. On another CRM product you were able to create a webform to refer to, thus the webform on opening only updates for the specific contact, thus allowing the user to update their own information. Thanks
  5. I am evaluating X2CRM and in particular I am looking at lead capture via web forms I am used to sending people to a "thank you" page and have an infrastructure set up Once someone completes the webform, X2CRM currently gives the following automatic message in the space where the web form was: Thank You!Thank you for your interest! Someone will be in touch shortly. The webform is for a free downloadable and I want to tell them to check their email for the link. The leads generated will then be included in one or more email campaigns to create inbound enquiries. The message is not appr
  6. Hi guys, when I create a newsletter with some contacts in my DB and others 'phantom' guys that subscribed via the online web-form to the letter, I need to see all recipients at different stages of the newsletter. Whilst creating the newsletter before selecting "Email Entire List' it does show all the recipient. In other word the people in my DB as contacts as well as the web subscribers. However, after creating and saving the newsletter, if you select your newsletter from the list and view the recipients at the bottom, it only shows the contacts in your DB and NOT the web subscribers.
  7. A very useable feature we had in a previous crm we had was the ability to create an update Webform. You can mail a personal link to a contact as example for him to uupldate record info himself. The Webform link thus opens the form with his existing info. This can be used to update customer info, set preferences etc. We used this extensively when inviting people to an event and asking them to update their info as well as food and other preferences.
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