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Found 5 results

  1. Upgrading to 6.01 broke all our web lead forms. They worked up until 6.0, and now when the required information is entered and "Submit" button pressed, the form "blinks" does not refresh, does not clear content, and does not send data to the server, and there are no error messages anywhere. So, please help. What may be happening and where can I find a log or some way of seeing what is happening. Thanks V.
  2. Auto-Fill Web Lead Forms Is there any way to auto-fill web lead form fields for existing contacts with the information already on their record? To clarify, if a contact with a web tracking key visited a page with a form, any fields already filled on their record (ex: name, email) would already be filled in. Then they would only have to add the additional information not already in the CRM and/or they could update the existing info. I know this isn't an option with the way the forms are currently, but is it possible through the API? This would be a HUGE advantage to allow the ability for user
  3. I noticed this issue on Github that's a few months old, but hasn't been answered yet: https://github.com/X2Engine/X2Engine/issues/25 It's pointing out how the leadCapture.php script is from the old API. When can we expect one that we can use for the new API? Thanks!
  4. I would like to create a new contact from the web lead form but I cannot see any fields available to also create an opportunity from the same form. My clients submit a form with their personal details and the detail of the product they are interested in. The contact details should become a contact and the product details should become an opportunity associated with that contact. This is the basic model of my first touch process. Can someone let me know how to replicate this in X2... also, if the same contact submits the form again, would it create a new contact or would it first search on the
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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