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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, is it possible to 'email' system and action notifications to a assignedto user? We have a couple of flows communicating to a contact via email from the system, but the user assigned doesn't know something happened unless they log in, which they dont always do. So the plan is to email them a notification if something happens on a contact assigned to them. Or is it possible to cc a {assignto}.{email} type statement to include them in communication to their contacts even? Thanks Eugene
  2. Hi guys, Is there any elegant way to assign products to specific users, roles or groups. This is so Users in the system will only see certain products. We have a large list of products. We only want some system users to see some of the products they are allowed to. Such as 'special deal' product for them. Is at as simply as creating an "Assigned' custom field for the products module? Can anyone advise? It's live system so I don't really want to mess about and 'test' the idea. Thanks Eugene
  3. Hi guys, not sure what I am missing, my admin and one user can change their avatar picture under Profile. However, two other users cant do that. They somewhere don't have access. I compared everything between the accounts from roles, access etc. Please help. Is this a bug of some sorts Thanks
  4. Hello, We are running the Community version of X2 CRM. I have created a number of Processes/Workflows as Admin and can assign them to contacts. However when I log in as a user the process/workflows are not visible to the user when working on the contact. The only option with Roles is the default setting of "Anyone" which I presume should make it available to all users. Can anyone make any suggestions as to how I might address this issue? Thanks, Vincent
  5. Found in Open Source Edition V2.81 Role restrictions not enforced. My testing platform: PHP 5.3.13 MySQL 5.5 IIS 7.5 All major browsers Steps to reproduce: Create new role with name of your choice Set permissions to not allow viewing or editing in any modules Create new user and assign to the restricted role Logiin as restricted user and select Accounts Module Even though view permission is restricted, user can see list of accounts (and it gets worse) Select any account and X2 will now display all contact relationships (including the option to delete the relationship) Select any cont
  6. I'm just diving into this but it is great software. Have a question though: I've seen a couple threads on this but now definite answers. Is there any way to have the top nav show specifically for certain user groups? Example: Sales only sees Contacts, Opportunities, etc while Service can only see Contacts, Service. Even though I've disabled them in role management and selected to "not show", the items are still accessible by everyone and are all in the top menu no matter what.
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