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  1. Hey guys and gals, I'm using 7.1 open source, self-hosted. When I go to /x2crm/index.php/admin/updater its runs for awhile and then... Update X2Engine to 8.0 from 7.1 Errors encountered. Could not complete operation because the request to the server failed or timed out. (error undefined ) Obtain and check dataReview and confirm changesDownload packageExtract packageVerify package contentsApply changesReload
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Dear Community, we have been trying to update x2crm but not able to to update. can u pls help ? image for referrence https://ibb.co/b7xysJf Exception: "A database change failed to apply: ALTER TABLE `x2_accounts` ADD COLUMN `firstName` varchar(255) NULL AFTER `nameId`, ADD COLUMN `lastName` varchar(255) NULL AFTER `firstName`, ADD COLUMN `title` varchar(100) NULL AFTER `type`, ADD COLUMN `phone2` varchar(40) NULL AFTER `phone`, ADD COLUMN `email` varchar(250) NULL AFTER `phone2`, ADD COLUMN `twitter` varchar(50) NULL AFTER `email`, ADD COLUMN `linkedin` varchar(100) NULL AFTER `t
  4. I have attempted both a fresh install of the latest stable release as well as updating from 6.0 to 6.5. I am able to do a fresh install of 6.0 without issue, however not with 6.5. My host is Inmotion Hosting. Below is a copy of the error output: Exception: "A database change failed to apply: CREATE TABLE `x2_sessions_token` ( `id` char(128) NOT NULL, `user` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, `lastUpdated` bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL, `IP` varchar(40) NOT NULL, `status` tinyint(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', PRIMARY KEY (`id`)) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;. The error message given was: SQLSTATE[42S01]:
  5. Greetings When updating from version 6.9.3 to 7.0 the web-installer reports a critical error: "ssh2 extension: required but missing. The FileUtil class needs the SSH2 extension to use SSH as a file operation method." But php info says: "libSSH Version libssh2/1.4.3" to be active. Due I´m not a PHP expert...aaaargh...any idea what cloud be the problem? Thanks for any advise, altf4
  6. Greetings If I call the page .../index.php/admin/updater I got an error message while being on version 6.9.3 Could not connect to the updates server, or an error occurred on the updates server. I´ve seen this http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3160-upgrading-604/and that http://community.x2crm.com/topic/3147-upgrading-543 post. But in the past, the update was possible that way - no change in ports or PHP version. Just to let you know, in case of the need for an update, I´ll do it manually. Kind regards, Andreas
  7. Morning Gents, New to the X2CRM forum.... I have tried to update from 6.5.2 to 6.2 with the X2CRM remote update utility, did a backup and I get following error. Exception: "Could not download package; update server error." in /home/rns/public_html/protected/components/UpdaterBehavior.php L831 I looked at Line 831 but its non descriptive Can anyone Please shed some light for me. Running on Centos 7 with Webmin Virtualmin installing on a virtual server. Attila
  8. I'm a junior user, first time to have problem in updating X2. Please help, thx all in the community! Have tried to change Storage Engine to innodb in x2_calendar & invites in mysql Message I have: Update X2Engine to 6.5.1 from 6.0.4 Exception: "A database change failed to apply: CREATE TABLE `x2_calendar_invites` ( `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `actionId` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL, `email` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, `status` enum('Yes','No','Maybe') DEFAULT NULL, `inviteKey` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`), KEY `actionId` (`actionId`), CONSTRAINT
  9. EDIT: Updating this post to reflect new information as of December 19, 2012. Please note that any posts below from previous dates DO NOT reflect correct information. The preferred method of updating X2CRM is using our built in automatic updater. Automatic updates take a little bit of time to test and as such our release schedule tends to be that we release the new version for download in the afternoon or at night and then the automatic update is available the next day. Upon login as admin you will be prompted to update your software. Follow the instructions provided and it should be a seamles
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Hi guys, I am trying to update various CONTACT records at the same time that are spread across a couple of visible pages. Using the multiple select tick box in the contacts view, selecting CLICK HERE to select on all pages. So all contact records that should be influenced by the update is selected spreading over a couple of screens is correct. Then More dropdown with UPDATE FIELDS OF SELECTED. I make my changed and OK but nothing fires. This function worked fine previously to update large volume records. I am viewing 100 (maks) records at a time. I can easily use the function to update a
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. Is there a way to update a record from another module when an action is marked as complete? The only record it seems I can edit is the action itself.
  17. Hi, Does upgrading to latest X2Crm version using built in automatic updater lose any data and customizations? Is it advisable to upgrade with the host's software installer like softaculous or X2Crm's built in updater? Please let me know the best way to backup in the event any data is lost during upgrade. Also where I can find the release log for the latest version of X2CRM? New here, sorry if this is repeated, please let me know where these questions have already been answered. Kind Regards.
  18. Is it possible to send a bulk mail to contacts to update their information such as address en contact cell number themselves. On another CRM product you were able to create a webform to refer to, thus the webform on opening only updates for the specific contact, thus allowing the user to update their own information. Thanks
  19. I tried to update to 4.2.1 this morning and got the following error. ==== Exception: "Encountered an issue after applying database changes. The error message given was Failed to copy one or more files from update/source into X2Engine. You may need to copy them manually. Check that they exist: protected/components/sortableWidget/views/_workflowStageDetailsWidget.php, protected/components/sortableWidget/recordViewWidgets/WorkflowStageDetailsWidget.php." in /opt/bitnami/apps/x2crm/htdocs/protected/components/UpdaterBehavior.php L977 ==== All of these files do exist in the directories. The updat
  20. (I updated my post to have the list of items from the sticky post. Sorry I missed that the first time around...) X2EngineCRM Version - 4.1.1Module the Bug is Located In (Contacts, Actions, etc.) - UPDATECopy/Paste of the PHP Error (if there is one) - BELOWHTML Error Code (if there is one)- BELOWA Brief Description of what you were doing when the bug occurred (bonus points if the bug is reproducible - I attempted an update (to 4.1.3) this morning and recieved this errorA list of files that you have modified (if any) - NONEYour PHP version - 5.3.18 I attempted an update (to 4.1.3) this morning
  21. Hey folks, got a problem. On my server x2engine can't automatically update. Therefore I would like to know, how I can update manually! Thanks for your tips regards René!
  22. Guest

    X2Engine 4.1.3

    Update 6/6: Version 4.1.2 (stable) 4.1.3 is now released! (4.1.2 had a few references to Platinum-edition code in lesser edition, causing breakage, so 4.1.3 replaces it) Hello all, To fix some more of the problems in 4.1 (and some of those in 4.1.1), we are releasing another new version, 4.1.2. However, from this point forward, we are going to begin the practice of public beta releases before the official release of each version. This will ensure that the new version gets at least some exposure to diverse server environments and use cases before it goes to all production instances around
  23. Guest

    X2Engine 4.1

    Hi everyone! Thank you for your patience. We worked a long time on this, fixed many long-standing problems, and added lots of features that are either greatly needed and long overdue or that add powerful and distinct new functionality to the software. We hope you enjoy it, and as always, if you run into any really serious problems that we for some reason missed during our testing, let us know and we'll put together a follow-up release with bug fixes within a week. To everyone who requested Zapier integration: just a little bit longer! We're going to do one final pass-through and quality chec
  24. Hi, I have X2 Open source installed in an A2Hosting account, and it was installed manually - no scriptaculous. There is an update available, but when trying to run it I get this error: Exception: "Requirements check script encountered an internal error. You should try running it manually by copying it from protected/components/views/requirements.php into the web root of your CRM. The error was as follows:file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 [2] : /home/(username)/public_html/x2/protected/components/vie
  25. Guest

    Branding Consistency

    As of version 3.7.3b, the software product itself will be known as "X2Engine". Whether this is the final time that the branding of the software will change, and that it will remain constant from this point in time forward, is not in my authority to say. However, I would like to ask the following: If you see any references to "X2Contacts", "X2CRM", or "X2EngineCRM" in any of the following places: A pinned forum post: Message me or send me an emailThe X2Engine Wiki: Message me or send me an emailThe X2Engine User Reference Guide: Message Tony or send him an emailYou can also respond to this th
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