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Found 7 results

  1. X2CRM version 8.0 Scenario 1: A contact unsubscribes from a specific campaign category email, such as Marketing. The contact email address is then listed in the appropriate x2_list_items table as unsubscribed. Create a new campaign with the Marketing category specified. Include the Contact that has unsubscribed in the contact list for the campaign. Launch the campaign from the interface by clicking the 'Launch' button. The result of this is the contact is not emailed because they have already unsubscribed. THIS IS THE EXPECTED RESULT Scenario 2: Same as above except schedule the ca
  2. Hi I changed the unsubscribe wording in the email settings to "here", so my unsubscribe message should read - Click here if you want to unsubscribe On two different profiles, I get different errors - Profile 1 - The {_unsub} is not replaced with "here", so at the bottom of the email it reads "Click {_unsub} if you want to unsubscribe" instead of "Click here if you want to unsubscribe". How do I fix this? Profile 2 - I get a sentence break after the word "here". So the sentence reads - Click here if you want to unsubscribe How do I remove the break after the word "here" so my sentence
  3. We sent out a mailer, and one of the recipients wanted to unsubscribe. But the auto-generated unsubscribe link fails due to a permission error. We are running X2engine 6.9 on our server. This summer, we moved from a vps to a dedicated server, so I am assuming a folder permission should be set differently, but as I cannot make it out from the link below, I am asking for help. Here is the link: http://crm.multilingual.com/index.php/marketing/marketing/click/uid/89a4217028554dfdc312f927f5dabc97/type/unsub/email/eliane%40jbistudios.com And the error is You don't have permission to access /in
  4. What is the best practice for offering unsubscribe links (I assume that is what the donotemail field is about?)
  5. Hi guys, I very desperately want to know how to use X2CRMs unsubscribe function for email marketing campaigns, but the tutorial video concerning it doesn't appear to be working for me (http://www.x2engine.com/marketing_campaigns_in_x2crm/). Can anyone tell me how to successfully utilise the automated unsubscribe feature for X2CRM mailing lists when I send mass mail-outs?
  6. Hi guys, I am sure I read it somewhere but cant find the post. How can I edit the default footer text of a campaign for a contact to unsubscribe. "----------------------- To stop receiving these messages, click here: I do not wish to receive these emails." At the moment is quite raw text and almost looks like source code. Would like to change font, style and text. Thanks
  7. Hi guys, when doing a newsletter you can clearly see who will be receiving and who unsubscribed before selecting "EMail Entire List". However the tick boxes next to the contact name on the newsletter is inactive and thus you cannot select or un-select a newsletter subscriber before eMailing Entire List. I realize to subscribe to a newsletter is easy enough by supplying your email via the web form, but how can I unsubscribe a user from my admin point of view if I don't want them on the mailing list for a newsletter. Thanks Eugene
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