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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, Does anyone know what this error is caused by in the Workflow Trigger Log?
  2. Hi X2'ers, I use quite a lot of Macro triggered workflows in my modules. These drop-downs that list the Macros in a module is populated by 'date of creation' of the macro it seems. How can I sort the macro list dropdown in different ways, specifically alphabetically? Thanks Eugene
  3. Hi! I've just installed X2CRM (6.0.4), created one google email account app, activated cron. I'm trying to create flows for "New Web Lead" trigger and i have a little problem. I made 2 web forms - first with tag "subscription", and second with "site". In flow I want to send mail series if it has tag "subscription", and just a mail if it has another tag. So I made simple workflow: But there is a problem: Answer in condition is always NO! My new web lead is created with form with tag "subscription", created contact has tag "subscription", but condition doesn't work. But when I added a sma
  4. Hi guys, how does the Marco trigger work for X2flows. The only mention of this was a short note on the launch email but nothing elsewhere. If also mentions activating from a single record view but cant find a button, option or anything. please help. Keen to try and implement. Thanks
  5. Is there a way to update a record from another module when an action is marked as complete? The only record it seems I can edit is the action itself.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Hi guys, can you please help explain the 'Match Probability' option in X2Flow 'Contact Web activity' as a trigger. I am currently triggering when a user is on my website www.abcde.co.za and {leadscore}+1 the contact which works great. But I want this to happen when they browse any webpages also. Does the Match Probability function with the trigger not do this. If works if they hit the main site www.abcde.co.za but I need the trigger to include if they go to www.abcde.co.za/test.html or www.abcde.co.za/products.html. All these pages have the tracker on etc. I simply need to get the trigge
  8. Hi guys, just wondering why there aren't any triggers relating to service case creation of web-forms from service cases. A useful feature would be surely to trigger a flow (resulting in an action) from a service web form completion. Typically a customer requests Phone Me. Not sure how else to get this done Thanks
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