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Found 3 results

  1. The translation files (de) used by us in version 6.9.3 are unusable with version 7. It seems, that this bug is also present with any other translation. In the searchgrids (accounts, companies) is a search not longer possible (returns no findings). When switching to standard (using no translation file at all), everything seems to be fine. May you can advise, what was changed. Even better: a quick solution. It´s a big problem for some of our users. Regards! Video (first you´ll see the finding of "11111" without any translation (english), next switching to translation (german) with
  2. Hello forum, where is leads.php? I need to translate it into spanish.
  3. Hi every body. I´m doing the work of fixing some text to Spanish and creating translation files for some modules. I successfully created a services.php translation file and it works Fine! . The Services module wasn´t translated to spanish In the same way I created a groups.php translation file but I´m having issues whit this one, Some actions, and form tags aren´t being translated to spanish altought the sentences are in my translation file, the same with products. Can you give me some advice? Finally I want to ask you how can I send to you the translation fixes and the new files I'
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