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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Community, In X2crm it is possible to make in Docs a template for e-mail with dynamic variables such as {firstName}, {lastName} or {phone} in the template. But how about merging a physical document for printing with dynamic variables ? I have noticed that this is possible with quotes and invoices and als whem making campaings there is the possibilty to use variables. Searching this form i saw topics dated 2013 where is mentioned that document merge is not (yet) possible. Is there any change or experience in the community now how to merge document or make doc. templates? Can any
  2. When creating a web lead form I have the option to send two emails, one called "user email" and one called "weblead email". I assume that user email sends the email to the person filling out the form and the other to the person the lead is assigned to? Anyway, however that works (I am sure I can figure it out in time), how do I create the email templates that should populate those lists?
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Hi, How can I change what is emitted for the line items field from Quote Template and set conditions for field placeholder? How can I change the "Comments" column heading to something else? Which default code/script file can I customize and place in the custom dir? I have done this with the Quote module label, so the comments label is changed on the frontend. But it doesn't seem to changed for the template. Also the price in the line items includes the currency, I would to remove the currency. Please let me know which code file to edit? Or how to configure to remove currency from the fron
  5. Hi guys, I seem to be running into various 'rights' issues it seems whilst using roles. I have 2 roles setup. Neither being global admin. I have some eMail docs as templates. Some public some private (but doesn't change outcome of issue). All eMail doc linked to Contact module When I am trying to send an eMail direct from a contact to the contact, I cant seem to select and get any Doc template loaded. Just keeps with the timing indicator. As if the Java, template or somewhere gets blocked etc. I have tried all security settings I could think of. Any idea where to look? Thanks
  6. Hi, I have created multiple document templates, now i like to send these templates as an attachment, Is there any way to attached document templates created within the app to an email? Regards,
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