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Found 15 results

  1. I've tagged many contacts with a tag. Now I want to change this tag for manage and filter contacts easily, Is there any way to do this?
  2. I have created three similar web lead forms. They all ask for exactly the same data. I added different tags to each one. However, the leads come in without any tags at all. How I am supposed to tell which lead came from which form? This is some pretty fundamental stuff and yet it seems I have no way of knowing of my leads are interested in the courses, the new ebook, or working for us.
  3. Hi guys, if I create a tag in a record, they should appear in the tag cloud widget? Mine doesn't show after I have created it in various records by retyping it each time. I can refresh and everything, no show in the tag cloud. Even if I select My own or All tags. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Hi guys, I created a new module with various custom and lookup fields. All works well. The only problem is on the main grid view to view all records, the tags field isn't available to show in the grid. I do have a tag widget in each record which we use extensively. Any reason why? Thanks Eugene
  5. Hi guys, sorry to come back with bugs after 5.2. But unfortunately need to get it sorted. I use to run Flows that would trigger on campaign mail being opened and ad a tag for another flow. Then another flow (#2) would activate when that tag is added to a contact record and fire off. Doesn't happen anymore. The first flow would ad the tag, but the next flow wouldn't activate based on the tag added. From some testing I saw the following. Although the first flow would ad the tag, the tag doesn't display in my tag cloud, indicating the system isn't actually adding anything legit in the fo
  6. Hi guys, is it possible to export the contact as per EXPORT feature but to include the tags on the contacts. I am sure the previous versions had this feature. Thanks Eugene
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Hi guys, I extensively use Tags as I am sure most users do. It would be really cool to have a proper tag manager in one place. I am thinking even ADMIN/TAG MANAGER functionality expanded via the grid view in order to hide, create, delete, etc. it seems the ability to manipulate and manage tags is very limited and all over the place. in some ways I think your power in X2 lies in a big way with Tags. Especially managing thousands of records. Thanks
  9. Hi guys, I extensively use tags to groups my info and create dynamic lists. I see however that when I create documents, my X2 automatically creates a tag with looks like a Hex number. What is this for? The Hex number obviously is non descriptive My concern is just that my tags are becoming a lot. My questions are: Is there any way to manage these tags easier can I delete the Hex numbered tags? are you guys possibly looking at a tag manager setup as tags are invaluable with big data management and grouping Any advice or best practice will be very helpful Thanks
  10. I've created a non admin user for testing purposes. When I log in as that user, I cannot apply or remove tags on contacts that are assigned to that user. I then created a new contact as that user thinking the failure may be related to an ownership issue - no luck. I figured that I was too restrictive on the user permissions so I gave the user 100% of all permissions - still no luck. Finally, I made that user a full Admin - still doesn't work. I've cleared the cache every session and even tried to access via Chrome's incognito brower - still doesn't work. The tags work fine when I'm logged in
  11. In Contacts tags column filters work great to find records with a tag. However, if I want to show everyone who does not have that tag by typing <> before the tag that does not seem to work. Regards, Glenn
  12. Tags are very powerful and adding them is very easy. Pulling them up is easy via filter or clicking in tag cloud. I could not find an easy way to remove a tag from multiple contacts though. It appears one would have to go into each contact individually to remove them. Is there another way? Regards, Glenn
  13. how do i add a tag on csv import? i noticed that there was info with # tag and if it was a single word it thought that was a tag and also created a tag for that field. i would like to be able to create
  14. After updating to 2.9, tags are no longer saved in contacts.
  15. I am using the embeded (Iframe) web lead form on X2engine v2.1.1. I have added a value for the 'Tags' variable, and when the form is displayed on a website, the HTML code does include a hidden variable for 'Tags', but the Contacts data does not seem to have passed this variable (all other form variables work fine). One reason I am trying to use 'Tags' is to identify which webpage the form was submitted on, but it seems to me that 'Lead source' is better designed for this than 'Tags', is there a way to capture/pass the lead source from the weblead form? (other than the dafault facebook/google
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