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  1. Hi Team, Could you please advise if we can integrate X2 CRM to Whatsapp. The idea is to sync contacts. Our current version: 5.4.3 X2CRM Platinum Edition. Regards Bizessence
  2. Hello , When I try to configure the mail server on : http://localhost/x2/x2engine/index.php/admin/emailSetup, I always get this error : External / Public Base URL is not a valid URL Advise please. Thanks.
  3. Hi All, Tried to get support for this error but no one seems to be able to help, so I'll report it as a bug. I have a new install of X2Engine with imported data where I'm unable to setup SMTP. I put in all credentials correctly (checked dozens of times) for two different email addresses on two different email servers, and SMTP simply won't work. IMAP works fine, so the username and password are correct. The SMTP server host and port are correct, these work flawlessly in Outlook to send emails which are then brought in via IMAP. Without SMTP the system is greatly crippled. Any help r
  4. Hi All, I'm trying to add the weblead to my site but when I'm testing it, its not creating the contacts when submitting a form. My web lead can be found here. I also configured the web lead distribution and tried with and without the "Gerenate lead" option checked. Thanks!
  5. Hi Guys, Do you know if it is possible to ad a custom field to display a hyperlink. For example, i have some custom fields that currently hold a link to a website, the link however is quite long and wraps around the whole table, it works just fine but just want to neaten it up abit. We currently just fill in the data straight into the database and it displays with the whole web address. For example the link is www.google.com/thisisalongwebaddress?user=123&id=123456 ...... I would like see if its possible to replace that whole link with a hyperlink that points to that address, i h
  6. Gretings, I´d like to enable 2FA, but in the settings ...index.php/admin/securitySettings I can´t enable it. Any hint or is some more configuration (anywhere else) needed? http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=0f2995-1485419355.png Regards
  7. Hi Raymond, I'm working in the process module, and I'm running into an permission's error when I try to drag and drop an opportunity to a stage above stage 9 in the list. I'm able to move it freely in all stages up to and including 9, then attempting to move it beyond that comes up with a permissions error. I'm able to manually change the stage in the opportunity to a stage number above 9 in the opportunity record. Once manually set to stage 10 or higher, I can freely move it around in stages 10+, however I can't move it back down to stage 9 or below. If I change the order of the stages
  8. Hi I have some troubles with creating emails. I created responsive email with mjml framework. Email looks good on mobile devices and PC. If I send this email to contact personal (from Contact page -> email) it looks good too. But when I use this template in Marketing Campaign or save it as Template, it looks ugly. HTML code of saved email is not the same that I inserted into editor, it doesn't have many tags and properties. Is there any option in X2 to set "don't touch my HTML code"? Thanks
  9. I have created a form which captures a minimal amount of information (name and email) and using automation based on tags the lead is added to the correct newsletter. I want to also send them a thank you email with the PDF ebook that will be the whole reason for signing up. How do I do that?
  10. Trying to test some periodic triggers with a simple when it's this time send this email, when saving workflow, getting this error. Error Code: 500 Error Message: CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1364 Field 'associationId' doesn't have a default value Stack Trace: [click to toggle display] CDbException in /home/cccsol818/public_html/griffin/framework/db/CDbCommand.php(358) #0 /home/cccsol818/public_html/griffin/framework/db/ar/CActiveRecord.php(1080): CDbCommand->execute() #1 /home/cccsol818/public_html/griffin/framework/db/ar/CActiveRecord.ph
  11. I am running the community edition of X2 while I evaluate its features and functionality. I have pasted the iframe code into a wordpress page and it is not displaying anything. You can view my page here: http://www.agcitymall.com/contact-us/ The iframe is visible in the source but nothing is showing on the page. Any thoughts?
  12. I'm sure it's somewhere in documentation - but I have been unable to find where/how I setup an email notification for when a new contact is added to the system and assigned to a person or a Process is started. We have a 3rd party service who is doing telemarketing, entering the contact into the system for us and assigning it to our sales queue - but we'd like to receive a notification when someone adds it so I can ensure things are going at the pace it's being entered and not "batched" up at the end or beginning of the day. Can someone point me to where this is? Thanks
  13. Hi, I need to execute daily the following flow (attachment) so that I can tag based on the boolean result of the comparison but I have a problem because when I try to do it with the trigger "periodic trigger" it won't allow to use comparison of attributes. Why is this? and how can I achieve what I want to do? (I want to avoid to do it with manual macro but seemingly is the only way to do it?) Thanks
  14. I've now imported a long list of contacts that are based on containing several tags in each.. This is a powerful feature. However, I've sent messaged to all those in my DB with a certain TAG. Now, I need to filter them out, so I can send to the 'other half' of contacts. Set on my Contacts Page with a long list, I'm determined find all contacts that DO NOT CONTAIN a certain tag. I see there is NOT Equal To.. Doesn't appear to work. Also, Lists do not provide for a NOT choice on Tags. Any ideas?
  15. Hi, i'm new X2CRM. when i try to import all Custom/Flows/Modules. i'm getting below error. can someone please help on this. Failed to apply package! CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '1' for key 'PRIMARY' whereas the same when i try to export the roles alone and import it is getting imported successfully.
  16. How to add email credentials for third party email accounts? I've tried to add email credentials for 2 different email accounts, with security types none and ssl disabled to encounter - Failed to authenticate! Please check your credentials. Adding email credentials for a gmail or outlook account authenticated without problem.
  17. By default, the quote module create quote by name like #1004 #1005, that always confuse me. Need improvement can revise the name when I am creating it.
  18. I was just curious if the developers of the X2Engine have plans for using Yii 2.0 in a future version. Is that on the X2Engine roadmap?
  19. I have attempted both a fresh install of the latest stable release as well as updating from 6.0 to 6.5. I am able to do a fresh install of 6.0 without issue, however not with 6.5. My host is Inmotion Hosting. Below is a copy of the error output: Exception: "A database change failed to apply: CREATE TABLE `x2_sessions_token` ( `id` char(128) NOT NULL, `user` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, `lastUpdated` bigint(20) DEFAULT NULL, `IP` varchar(40) NOT NULL, `status` tinyint(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', PRIMARY KEY (`id`)) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;. The error message given was: SQLSTATE[42S01]:
  20. Hello, what would be the best way to move an existing x2 installation to another server? Thanks and best, Alv
  21. I cannot find the translation manager under the administration tools. But I did some workarounds and I was able to access it via the following URL. http://your.host/index.php/admin/translationManager Even though I accessed the translation manager, it's not loading the keywords to translate. When I click on the translation template in the left panel, the right panel remains empty (Please check the attached screenshot). I'm using the X2CRM version 6.6 and it's properly installed. Please advice me to fix this issue.
  22. Hi! On the home page, and on a page /technology, there are two references to Zapier integration, but I can find nothing else, except one forum post which mentions it tangentially, relating to mailparser.io Can anyone shed any light? It would be great to see X2 on Zapier, but I can't seem to locate any trace of an integration there. Thanks!
  23. I'm making a Workflow with condition like picture below Trigger: Record Updated + Record Type: Quotes +Compare attribue is Invoice Status: equals Paid and I want update field Deal Value from Contact record linked with Quotes by Contact field. I think have to use {attributes} and {chained attributes} to do this but still on finding out how to do. How can I do this with Workflow?
  24. Hi, I have an interesting situation that has occurred literally over night which I am unable to resolve. We regularly run Email campaigns using MailJet and MailGun via the connectors in X2CRM. On monday we were able to send a campaign and it worked great. The API Username nad Passowrd combination were left unchanged. On Tuesday we went to send another campaign but were unable too. The campaign would just pause during sending emails. When we examined the mailjet connector credentials within the Manage Apps section, we noticed that Password credentials were empty. We tried to add the
  25. Ok...I tried to do another fresh install after several issues and getting error 500 Error Message: Function mcrypt_create_iv() is deprecated I can finally at least get into login screen but now getting this message when I try to login. I double checked and I did input correct login. I checked the error log and here are the findings: [error] Function mcrypt_create_iv() is deprecated (/home/getrealcrm/public_html/x2crm/x2engine/protected/components/util/PasswordUtil.php:127) Followed that path and here are lines of code in reference: public static function createSalt() { if (fu
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