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Found 9 results

  1. hi becaues of https://www.eugdpr.org/ customer's data must be protected. There is a big debate whether encryption is needed or not. Anyone got any experience or idea how to encrypt data that X2 is using, saving? I am going to use linux. Thank you Radek
  2. Hi I suppose it it is a good idea to run X2 on https only. Do you recommend that? Is there anything special I need to do in terms of X2 setting up? I will be using nginx on linux. Could you help/guide me how to set it up? Thank you Radek
  3. My Web lead form is on a different server than the CRM. The information in Public Info Settings isn't useful for what I need. What I do need is to be able to set the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header from the CRM so the frontend can access the information in the iframe.
  4. Greetings, We have been notified of a potential security vulnerability in X2Engine. This vulnerability will be fixed in the next release, but it is too important to wait until then. It affects all versions from 2.8 through 4.1.7. To patch/fix this vulnerability on your installation before the update: 1. Download the following archive: Security-Patch-Jul31-2014.tar.gz Or, if you're on 4.1.7, download the following package and proceed to step 4: Jul31-2014-4.1.7-security-patch.tar.gz 2. Unpack the archive 3. Find the archive file within the contents that corresponds to your version of X2En
  5. There are a few people who need access to Admin, however we only want one person to be able to update X2 to a new version. Is there a way to do this? Regards, Glenn
  6. The short: OpenSSL on all of our servers has been updated to a build that has this vulnerability patched, and so we are no longer affected. The moment that the Heartbleed bug came to our attention, we checked as to whether Ubuntu and CentOS 6 (the two primary distributions of Linux that we use for hosting and development) had released updated OpenSSL software packages with this vulnerability patched. Fortunately, this was the case, and thus began software updates on all of our servers. This caused a few minutes of downtime yesterday. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  7. Guest

    X2Engine 3.7.4

    Note (3/26): Last week, Secunia Research notified us of additional security vulnerabilities, which were subsequently fixed in version 4.0. Please update to/install that version or later to avoid having a version of X2Engine with the unrestricted file upload vulnerabilities that were discovered. Hi all, This release, 3.7.4, includes some vitally important bug fixes and security updates. We've had to delay 4.0 to get this one out, but we are in agreement that it is more important to offer these fixes first. Special thanks to the authors of The HauntIT Blog for finding these now-fixed vulner
  8. Hi, Was wondering if the weblead files at the base of the x2crm directory (3.3.1) are valid ? I am looking to protect my crm files (ip or password) and having the weblead and webform (service) outside of the index protected directory would be great ! Thanks for the feedback ! Ju
  9. Hello, We are testing X2 and our developers are worried about security. There is too much code for them to examine every part. Can any X2 users please chime in about your experiences? In particular we'd like to know if you: - Did you audit the code before deployment? - Have you safely disable parts of the code? - Have you used the debug module? if so , how do you use it? - Have you had any security warnings (in the logs), issues or concerns? - What is the purpose of the code generating module? (we disabled it for now) - Which part can you securely remove? If anyone would be willing to sp
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