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  1. 8.0 12/6/2019 New Enterprise Features: * Portal Product: * Customer login and messaging for support cases * Invite users to the portal through service case webform * Related Case Solutions: Match service cases by issue for relevant resolutions * Knowledge Base: Create documents that can be searched by keyword or phrase * Responsive Editor for Email Templates: New responsive editor for email templates * Nexmo Call Pop-up: Links to contact with matching number if one exists New Open Source Features: * Sales Quotations Improvements: * Comments are their own line item
  2. Hello Everyone, Today we released X2CRM v7.1 which includes misc. bug fixes and support for PHP 7.2. Please see the release notes below: 7.11/3/2019 General Changelog / Developer Notes X2CRM is now compatible with PHP 7.1+Miscellaneous bug fixes Fixed issue with emailing where mail servers which are not configured to use VERP can still send emailRemoved list option from the reporting moduleA/B campaigns now work with dynamic listsFixed issue where 'do not email' settings would get incorrectly setFixed issue where a 500 error would occur if the 'maxFileSize' attribute was not created corre
  3. General Changelog / Developer Notes PHP7 compatibilityYii updated to 1.1.17PHPMailer updated to 5.2.14File attachment feature added to most X2Touch modules, including custom modulesAdded "Copy to Sent" dropdown to email client configuration to explicitly store sent messagesAdded "Reply All" button to email clientNew Office365 credentials typeAdded web tracker JavaScript code export functionalityFixed importer bug which created erroneous relationshipsAutomated email logging bugfixesFixed bug preventing records export download button from showingFixed email client quota issue with Office365Track
  4. 5.4.2 1/7/2016 General Changelog / Developer NotesX2Touch changes:Added support for the Topics moduleModule form layouts can now be customized from the new "Mobile App Form Editor" admin pageImproved error handling of automated email loggingAction History "Email From" filter now includes logged inbound emailsNew option on the "Email Settings" admin page to enable List-Unsubscribe email headerUpdated module delete functionality to clean up associated custom module summary widgetsUpdated Process module to allow for financial information on any module typeTracked Bug Fixes:3189: CDbCommand failed
  5. Guest

    X2CRM 5.4.1

    In a special two-for-one announcement, the changelog for 5.4 will also be included in this thread. 5.4.1 12/18/2015 General Changelog / Developer NotesFixed opened email display in action historyFixed mass action menu displaying when scrolling upFixed 404 error caused by clicking on a user profile from the activity feedFixed avatars not displaying correctly Fixes and improvements to X2Touch 5.4 12/17/2015 HighlightsPlatinum Edition Changes:Added Role and permissions support to X2PackagerConfigure user password complexity requirementsFailed login grid now maintains historical recordsProfe
  6. General Changelog / Developer Notes: Fixed bug which caused "Discard unsaved changes?" dialog to display incorrectly in certain casesFixed bug in module import which could break link-type fieldsFixed bug in records export which caused the custom delimiter/enclosure to be ignored in the resulting CSV headerFixed bug in records import causing Action descriptions to be ignored if the ID field was mappedFixed bug in records import which attempted to insert ActionText even if the Actions model failed validation, resulting in a constraint violationTracked Bug Fixes: 3099: Missing argument 1 for Goog
  7. Highlights Professional Edition Changes:Google+ integration:Google+ Profile widget allows display of Google+ Profile data on record view screens.Google+ Profile search featureNew X2Workflow Splitter enables concurrent execution of flow branches, simplifying creation of complex flow logic.Added mass actions to Email Inbox profile widget. It's now possible to delete, log, and flag emails directly from the profile page.X2Workflow Remote API Call action now supports nested JSON payloadsDefault processes can now be set on a per module basis.New "Redirect URL" option in web form designerTags column
  8. General Changelog / Developer Notes: Fixed backwards compatibility issue affecting custom modulesAdded public info settings validation which prevents issues with public base URI/URL formattingFixed bug which caused logged calls to display in the Actions module list viewFixed bug affecting cookie-based web tracking on servers whose hostname lacked a subdomainNew admin option to upload a login screen logo (Professional Edition Only)Download links: https://github.com/X2Engine/X2CRM/archive/5.2.1.zip
  9. General Changelog / Developer Notes: Important security updates "Post to Activity Feed" flow action changes: New "User" option determines the owner of the feed to which the post will be added. This allows for the creation of social posts. New post "Visibility" option Fixed bug which prevented "My Actions" widget from remaining hidden after clicking the close button Fixed bug which prevented products and quotes details from displaying in the Inline Relationships Widget Web lead form submit button now disabled after form submission, preventing duplicate submissions SMTP authentication
  10. General Changelog / Developer Notes: Fixed issue which caused incorrect naming of uploaded media filesNew exporter option to include merged duplicate records in export, disabled by defaultNumerous bug fixes to global import/export toolname field of related contacts created on record import will now be generated automatically from firstName and lastName fieldsFlows now triggered when records are updated via the REST APIFixed bug in X2Flow Designer which would cause flow action configuration menus to load incorrectly when quickly switching between themFixed REST API bug which would cause paginat
  11. General Changelog / Developer Notes: Fixed bug in the application updater tool which would cause certain files to be incorrectly deleted on case-insensitive file systems Fixed bug in flow deletion action menu link, changelog deletion button, and "Go Invisible" button related to 5.0.5 introduction of CSRF token validation Fixed bug in mass update tool which prevented value for boolean type fields from being set properly Automatic record tagging feature now ignores CSS color hex codes API VoIP action no longer retrieves phone numbers of hidden contacts X2Flow tag triggers no longer fired o
  12. X2Engine 5.0.6 is now available! Here is a summary of the changes: General Changelog / Developer Notes:Contact tracking key can now be set through the REST APIAdded CSRF token validation to Google loginFixed bug in the REST API search action which would cause all results to be returned if _or parameter was presentFixed bug preventing X2Flow shortcodes from evaluating if present in X2Flow record attribute inputsFixed bug in X2Flow Reassign Record flow action which caused reassignment to failLeads conversion now displays error output if conversion fails due to field validationPermissions bug f
  13. X2Engine 5.0.5 is now available! This release contains a few new powerful features, UI and stability improvements, and an important security update. Here is a summary of the changes: HighlightsProfessional Edition ChangesNew Charts drilldown feature allows you to quickly get a list of records associated with charted data pointsNew scatter plot charting optionNew column aggregation option for time series chartsImproved reports print view adds new configuration options and allows inclusion of chartsNew X2Flow Periodic Trigger allows flows to be triggered according to a scheduleRedesigned Web F
  14. Please note: Beta versions are for testing purposes only and are not intended to be deployed in your production environment. X2Engine 5.0.5b is now available! Here is a summary of the changes: HighlightsProfessional Edition ChangesNew Charts drilldown feature allows you to quickly get a list of records associated with charted data pointsNew scatter plot charting optionNew column aggregation option for time series chartsImproved reports print view adds new configuration options and allows inclusion of chartsNew X2Flow Periodic Trigger allows flows to be triggered according to a scheduleRedesi
  15. X2Engine 5.0.4 is now available. This small patch release contains a few important bug fixes. Here is a summary of the changes: Tracked Bug Fixes:2149: Missing argument 2 for FieldFormatter::renderInt(), called in /opt/bitnami/apps/x2crm/htdocs/protected/components/FieldFormatter.php on line 348 and defined2152: User Report2153: X2Flow Compare Attribute using "In List" with dropdown fields fails to save2156: FieldFormatter and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named "getFields".2158: Unable to resolve the request "actions/id/complete".2159: Trying to get property of non-object2160:
  16. X2Engine 5.0.3 is now available for download! Here are the highlights: HighlightsNew Record Transactional ViewProvides an alternate view of a record's action historyIndividual widgets for each type of interaction (Calls, Emails, Actions, etc.)Professional Edition Changes:Charts created through the Reports Module can now be added to the profile dashboardProfile dashboard and record view column widths can now be adjustedEmail Contact X2Flow action has a new option to enable email logging and trackingApplication-wide icon updateGeneral Changelog / Developer Notes:Updated Yii to version 1.1.16Trac
  17. X2Engine version 5.0.2 is now available. This release contains numerous bug fixes and a few small features. Here's a summary of the changes: General Changelog / Developer Notes:Platinum Edition Changes:New login history export tool on the Advanced Security pageProfessional Edition Changes:Added a button to remove individual emails from newsletter recipient listsEmail Manager module renamed "Email"Fixed AnonContact entries on activity feedFixed bug preventing lead related records from transferring to target record upon conversionAdded safeguard to prevent administrator account from being disabl
  18. **Please note: Beta versions are for testing purposes only and are not intended to be deployed in your production environment.** X2Engine 5.0 Beta is now available for download! Here are the highlights: New in Platinum Edition Advanced Security ToolsBan, whitelist, or blacklist IP addressesView a log of user logins and failed login attemptsLock out IPs or users after a certain number of failed login attemptsNew in Professional Edition Integrated Email ClientManage inbound and outbound emails through private and/or shared email inboxesAutomatically or manually Log emails to the action histo
  19. Guest

    X2Engine 5.0 Beta 1

    X2Engine 5.0 Beta 1 is now available to test online Highlights:Integrated Email ClientShared InboxesReceive EmailsLogged Emails in OutboxAdvanced ReportingPolished Grid BuilderNew Report types including Summation and Rows & ColumnsDrilldown columnsImporter 3.0Improved format detectionField mapping enhancementsAdditional pre-built import mapsModule Deep RenameRenaming a module now changes references in all locationsUI FaceliftPolished CSS and layout schemeEnhanced Theme AbilitiesNew pre-built themesRicher implementationFeatures to be included in forthcoming beta cycles:Record Merge ToolDedu
  20. X2Engine 4.3 Beta is now available! X2Engine 4.3 (stable) is now available! HighlightsNew calendar profile widgetThe clock widget now allows you to choose from analog, digital, and digital 24-hourGeneral changelog/developer notesFixed inline process widget in Opportunities moduleCustom assignment fields now produce links in grid viewsImporter BugfixesAction.description will now be automatically mappedFixed bug when uploading import mapsAdded better handling of empty rowsFixed purification issue with insertableAttributesUpdated calendar widget to be hidden and shown according to persistent set
  21. Version 4.2 beta is now available! X2Engine version 4.2 (stable) is now available! Here are the highlights: Improvement to role access editor (Professional Edition):New user interface enables more fine-grained control over role-based permissionsProfile widget improvements:New website viewer widgetLeads module grid widgetCan now create grid widgets for custom modulesCan now clone, rename, and delete profile widgetsPersistent grid widget filtersQuick Contact widget now provides appropriate input fields for all required fieldsGrid view improvements (Contacts module only):Can now select all record
  22. Version 4.1.7 has been released. This point release includes a number of important bug fixes, including: Fixed issues in the importer which prevented fields from being set when a default field value was givenFixed error in Form Editor which prevented scenario from being savedFixed bug in the Campaign Bulk Mailer which caused an incorrect error to be reportedFixed bug in legacy API which incorrectly restricted search resultsFixed bug in process pipeline/funnel views which prevented contact records from displaying even if the current user had permission to view themFixed bug in process funnel
  23. Version 4.1.6 beta has been released. 4.1.6 stable should available in the next week. Version 4.1.6 beta 2 has now been released, and stable will be available within a week. X2Engine 4.1.6 (stable) is now available! In addition to numerous bug fixes, a number of small but useful features have been introduced. Here are the highlights: New "available" lead routing option:Users can set online/offline availability, i.e. when they go on vacationLead routing can be configured to respect this option, i.e. avoid assigning records to unavailable usersGlobal import/export tool now supports custom fi
  24. Guest

    X2Engine 4.1.4

    Hi all, This release, which contains fixes to some rather serious bugs in 4.1.3, is going to be the last release we do before our next round of development. Currently this release is available only as a beta; it will be released to the broader userbase in a few days from now. X2Engine 4.1.4 (stable) is now available! To enable updating to beta versions, see the following section of the definitive guide to updating: http://wiki.x2engine.com/wiki/Software_Updates_and_Upgrades#Updating_to_Beta_Versions
  25. Guest

    X2Engine 4.1.3

    Update 6/6: Version 4.1.2 (stable) 4.1.3 is now released! (4.1.2 had a few references to Platinum-edition code in lesser edition, causing breakage, so 4.1.3 replaces it) Hello all, To fix some more of the problems in 4.1 (and some of those in 4.1.1), we are releasing another new version, 4.1.2. However, from this point forward, we are going to begin the practice of public beta releases before the official release of each version. This will ensure that the new version gets at least some exposure to diverse server environments and use cases before it goes to all production instances around
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