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Found 5 results

  1. Our standard users, other than our admin, are not able to select a mailing list when creating a campaign. We have multiple lists to select from, and it seems that only our web admin is allowed to view and select these lists within the creation of a campaign. Would this be a permissions issue or something else? I am open to suggestions. We need our standard users to have the ability to create and send out campaigns by selecting our created list s.
  2. Hello, I cannot set "edit permissions" to a role. In ManageRoles Admin page, I click "edit role" and select my role. Then 3 assignation panels are shown: Users, View permissions and Edit permissions. Well, the "edit permissions" assignation panel doesn't work: it allows to assign but after save, the assigned fields have disappeared; and obviously doesn't grant edit permission to the role. I've been looking at the "x2_role_to_permission" table in database. The records are not correct, should be some records with permission to "2" but there's only "0" and "1". (The "view permissions" are r
  3. Hi I have created a default user/group that cannot view/edit the quote module and or quotes. When logged in I can confirm this user cannot view the quotes module and access quotes accept under the below scenario. If a quote has a relationship with a record under a different module which invariably it does and which you would expect. The user can access on the left hand side menu a 'quotes/invoice' link. When clicked the quote is shown in full in a inline box below the record! Although if you click the view and edit links within the quote box it comes up with an unauthorised e
  4. I am just looking at workflow. When i add a new contact with api request i need to add for it a new workflow but when i try to affect the value of stageNumber or workflowId , always value =null because those two fields permission in api is for read only Is there a way to fix this issue? Thanks
  5. Whenever I try to edit role permissions, the circle on browser keeps rolling, and I don't get much time to even save it, and then it redirects me back to the edit role permissions screen. Is it a bug or am I missing something here? I am not sure if this has been already solved by X2 engineers or not. I would appreciate it if you guys help me here. Thanks
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