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Found 8 results

  1. When I log an entry under "opportunities", if I go back and try to edit that entry I'm presented with a blank window. There are no errors in my web server / php logs. Can anyone help? (screenshot attached)
  2. Hello everyone, i would like to change assignedTo list appearance in Opportunities module. Correct me if i'm wrong but i think it's possible by updating CSS "appearance" property (right now, value is set to "listbox" and i would like to change it to "checkbox" or "radio"). The only problem (i hope so) is that i can't find assignedTo selector in CSS/JS/PHP files... I will be grateful for any help Best regards.
  3. A client of mine has an external program that creates proposals and saves them on their hard drive. They want to email this proposal link from X2 to their client. Opportunities would be the ideal place to store this link for there can be multiple opportunities per contact. Problem is there is not an option to email the contact from the opportunities tab and the contact tab can not access information in the opportunities table. Suggestions? Regards Glenn
  4. I have a working API setup where I create and account, then contact (using accountName to create relationship), then opportunity (again using accountName to create relationship). I want the contact to also be related to the opportunity. What field needs to be included in the opportunity array to create this relationship?
  5. I want to customize the grid view for opportunities and am having a hard time determining if it's even possible. In opportunities grid (list) view, I want each row to be styled according to the content in one of the columns. Specifically, I want to change the background color of the row, and also the table cell for the specific column in that row, based on the value of that specific data cell. I ended up looking in framework/zii/widgets/grid/CGridView.php and framework/zii/widgets/grid/CGridColumn, but I need to do this properly and in an upgrade safe manner. Any insight into the best wa
  6. When in an opportunity edit view, comments, call logs, and actions are not saved. However, they save properly in accounts and contacts edit views.
  7. We had several entries in the Opportunities module starting from version 2.7.2. After upgrading to version 2.8, every time we try and edit a field on one of the Opportunities records, it will disappear. For example, on one Opportunity, we previously had a "Quote Amount" of $29.00 and "Probability" of 80. We tried updating those numbers, then click on save, and then it would disappear and retain no data. We tried editing this same record with multiple user accounts, including the admin user. Same problem. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Your help is appreciated!
  8. Hello? Is possible to add to the calendar The Actions I Create? When I create an Action Whit a Due Date Nothing is shown on Calendar. The Same question for Quotes. when I Create a Quote with an expiration date Nothing is Shown on Calendar? It is possible that Quotes go to calendar? Finally, When I Update a Quote as Won , Can This create an Opportunity automatically? Thank you
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