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Found 3 results

  1. i am trying to figure out if this software has a sequential autoresponder. as in when someone signs up we have a series of emails that go out: Day 1 here is your free report, Day 2 here is an interesting article Day 3 hey prospect give me a call etc. Day 30 hey here is how our clients had success with us I don't see any obvious functionality like this. Is this possible to implement?
  2. Hello, I've been looking around for a basic CRM system that does basically this and I'm hoping X2 Engine Open Source edition does this, Let's say I go and try and sell a product to a business and they say we'll think about it. I want to be able quickly to input their email, name, and so on, in some kind of a campaign form that will start to email them constantly. Like on the first day, an email will be sent to them saying, "Hey, we popped in today, here are the great features of our product..." And then email them again on the third day saying “Have you thought about how our product could help
  3. Hello, I am use to having an ical feed for my calendar and pull it from my CRM so it shows in google calendar. I saw some reference to integrating with google. The integration you use. Does that mean that calendar info in X2 will show up in my google calendar or vice versa??? Also I am seeing that growing suport for the CARDDAV standard. It was recently adopted by google contacts and is also supported by IOS. There is an android app to sync google contacts with CARDDAV. To me a small business person who spends a lot of time on the road, when a client calls me I want it to be natively in my
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