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Found 5 results

  1. Hello , When I try to configure the mail server on : http://localhost/x2/x2engine/index.php/admin/emailSetup, I always get this error : External / Public Base URL is not a valid URL Advise please. Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, quick question. When I send bulk mails. During the campaign running some of the mails show the following notice: Skipping xxxx@yyyyyyyy.co.za; another concurrent send operation is handling delivery to this address. What does that mean. Is that mail still delivered. Is this part of a queuing procedure? Then after sending the mail, there are always a couple of mails that remain unsent in the campaign and the campaign remains active. I usually have to manually Stop the campaign and the last email I assume remains unsent. Why would this be. I realize sending mails is more comple
  3. Hi, I am having issues authentication issues with the mail settings in Imap. The settings are correct and so is the username but still having an issue with it. Need to use X2 for newsletters etc. Please can someone help
  4. Sending mail from an opportunity is tied to the field "contact", which is a search field originating from the contact list. But if we load an existing contact there, it acquires the value of the contact's full name, not email. I've found the following rules: mail button only appears if the field is not empty; but only opens the message if the field content is an e-mail. Anyway, to detect those differences it is necessary to reload the page (F5). The behavior I expected and wish: mail button always visible, because not necessarily related to the "contact" field, and would be useful (in the mess
  5. I finally managed to set up an email server and went for the API Integration. I followed the instructions as per the Wiki documentation. The test mail I sent then bounced back with the following error : Reporting-MTA: dns; mail.mydomain.com X-Postfix-Queue-ID: 4CBD126EBF Arrival-Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2014 13:25:21 +0000 (UTC) Final-Recipient: rfc822; dropbox@mail.mydomain.com Original-Recipient: rfc822;dropbox@mail.mydomain.com Action: failed Status: 5.3.0 Diagnostic-Code: x-unix; /home/ubuntu/email-script/emailImport.php: 1: /home/ubuntu/email-script/emailImport.php: cannot open ?php:
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