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Found 10 results

  1. Our standard users, other than our admin, are not able to select a mailing list when creating a campaign. We have multiple lists to select from, and it seems that only our web admin is allowed to view and select these lists within the creation of a campaign. Would this be a permissions issue or something else? I am open to suggestions. We need our standard users to have the ability to create and send out campaigns by selecting our created list s.
  2. Hello, I've been using X2 for a while to do simple things like send email campaigns and manage contact lists. I would like to graduate to some simple workflows now and am having a little trouble. The workflow I'm trying to test right now is simple: start condition: [user On List "FOO"] next action: end So I created this workflow and attached the start condition to my list FOO, which had a single user already in it. As I expected, I didn't get a post to the activity feed. However, I then added a new user to the list (it's a dynamic list, if that makes a difference), and I also didn't get
  3. Hi all, After having used 6.2 (on premise, licensed) for years, my company decided to try out 8.0 open source edition to kick the tires before considering a full upgrade. While most things work as expected, I am seeing a few quirks that I don't know how to work around. Most frustrating is that I can't seem to send a test message for a campaign. My steps to reproduce are: Make a list of a few contacts Make a new campaign with some test email, and assign the newly-created list. I have one custom variable (c_Salutation) and on regular variable (lastName), not that that should make a differenc
  4. We quite often use contact lists to create email campaigns. We like to view all the contacts we have selected for a list and then select a few of them to be removed. We used to do this up through v. 7 with the "remove selected from list". Now, the option is not there (see image). Has this function been replaced with something else? I still see the modules in the code, so I am hoping it is just missing from the drop-down "more" menu... To recap: 1. we create a list of people 2. we view the list to find people to remove 3. when we click on someone to remove, the "more" menu shows up (see image
  5. How can I make a list out of the contacts who opened a particular email?
  6. Hi, I have recenty come back to X2 after not using it for a while and have been having some problems. I frequently import data, but want each import to be segregated into it's own list. The logical way to do this is to either add an automatic tag in each import and group data by tags, or to set the rules in the list to "Create date equals today". However, I have tried both of these methods to no avail. It seems the rules are just not working. This means contacts from previous imports have made it into multiple lists, and have subsequently been sent duplicate emails. I can't see any pattern t
  7. Right now it is a big disadvantage to us to only be able to save lists for contact records. At the minimum, it would be great to be able to save Account Reports so that we could reuse them for future campaigns. Even better would be to create lists based on account fields just like we can currently do with contacts. EVEN BETTER would be to create reports and lists based on a combination of contact and account fields. For example, create a list to send an email to all contacts that are associated with an account that has the industry field marked as X. Currently we have many duplicate fields
  8. I want to set a field to say "YES" on a CONTACT record if a Relationship has been established between that CONTACT from another MODULE. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how I might do that? I can't find any way to access the RELATIONSHIPs displayed on the Contact Record. e.g. We have a Membership Module. It links to the CONTACT. In CONTACT we can see that the RELATIONSHIP is established with the module, MEMBERSHIP. But unless I then manually create a reciprical LINK BACK to the MEMBERSHIP Module, I can't access the fact there is a relationship with MEMBERSHIP and therefore ca
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Hi guys, I know you can only view the contacts assigned to a user by setting up the rights and rolls. However, Lists are all visible to all despite being assigned to a user. I can see that although you can see the list, it wouldn't show the contacts in the list if they aren't assigned to the user but my concern is that you end up with hundreds of lists from different users and you can edit and reassign them all over. Is there a way to lock visibility of only lists assigned to a user? Thanks Eugene
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