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Found 7 results

  1. I am a real estate broker in Dallas and we capture leads from lots of different sources like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Facebook, etc. Most of these sources have a direct integration with Real Estate CRMs or they connect via Zapier. How would I go about connect all of these valuable lead sources to X2? I do not see a relationship with X2 and Zapier. Am I wrong on this?
  2. I have a situation where I would like to offer visitors the option to pre-register interest for one or more seminars. Right now I have three identical web lead forms with different tags but as the seminar list grows so too will the number of forms. It there a way of using one form? Also, are tags really the best way we have of recording interest by leads? Ideally, I would like to associate the lead with a particular conference (product perhaps?) What can you recommend?
  3. Hi guys, my x2 is for some reason not creating a Lead from a web form. I tried everything I could see. On the form it's selected including a lead source. But when completing the form, the contact is created but not a lead. Also no notifications are sent. Can you advice please. Thanks Eugene
  4. Hi guys, I am trying to make a new lead & contact via lead webform's visibility be private when created by the system. We are trying to keep leads and their contacts private before allocating them to Users. I have set the visibility field settings for both Leads module and Contacts module as default Private to try and achieve this. But still if a lead is generated by a webform and it creates its related contact record, both records are still Public visible and thus all can see. It takes the admin or record owner to manually update visibility to private. Is this a fixable bug? Tha
  5. Hi guys, when working on Contacts you can page to the next records top right next to the edit button. Why cant you do this in Leads or Opportunities. When maintaining many record in Leads and Ops, I need to update processes etc and now have to revert back to the complete list the whole time every time I finish with a Lead or Op. Simple feature, tons of benefit. please consider. Eugene
  6. we are getting a lot of duplicate data, mostly because customers have more than one email address and I would like a way of merging duplicates so I can keep all the linked data in one single record. an example may serve here sgeorge@gimmehelp.com is on my database as a lead he emails me in from sharif@gimmehelp.com and get's filed through the dropbox email I now have two records for this dastardly character I want to merge these records so that the emails that have already come in from both email addresses are all recorded against one of them - I would then add the second email addre
  7. I'm a little new to x2 having only stumbled upon it today, however, from what I see this is a great open source option for basic CRM needs. The fact that I can create custom schemas for lead types lets me tailor this to my clients' needs very well. There are a couple things I'm curious about, however. Based on the modules I create (for different types of leads), how do we embed the forms for seamless use on the clients' websites? I figured in the demo it would spit out an embeddable form snippet, sort of how Wufoo and other online form builders do it (or Zoho). How can we customize the displ
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