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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I have got a problem with workflow. I created lead web form by API which gets new leads from my website. New contacts appears in Leads Modules without any errors and any problems. But I need to start workflow process, e.g. sending message to client or user etc. I created new workflow with: Trigger: New Web Lead Active: Yes Toggle Node Labels: yes I create setting parts of workflow to test one New Web Lead: Tags (optional): empty Edit Tags: Action: "add": #NewLeadWebsite Create Notification User: me, Message: "new lead!" But I do not get a
  2. I attempted to convert a lead to a contact. I was notified of 6 errors because the fields did not exist in the Contacts module as they did in the Leads module. I then created the field necessary in the Contacts module. I converted a lead to a contact again and this time it was successful. However, some data did not transfer such as phone number and email. What could be the problem?
  3. thHey Community, I'm very new to HTML programing and since I use the x2engineCRM version on my domain I need to create a custom HTML form and embed that using the webl lead api, but since I'm using WordPress for my Website I was wonderng how to make this, can I simply use the HTML-Editor in WordPress and assign this somehow to x2engine? It's just a pitty that the function to edit web lead forms in the free editions is blocked, since it helps startups to grow so easily. like customer name customer email friend one first name friend one last name friend one email friend one mobile friend o
  4. I have a need to convert a lead at specfic stage of the flow into an opportunity, I've looked at the existing options and am not seeing how i can do this from within my workflow automatically. Example : All leads are imported for telemarrketing activities. If certain field meet a certain criteria, then I want to have the workflow automatically convert the lead into an opportunity and add the lead to contacts. I know i can manually do this from the left menu, but i'm looking to automate. Secondly along the same lines, converting a lead to opportiunity means i cant add the same lead as a
  5. Hi guys, web leads just don't route, and never have. This have been a long standing bug but as we haven't used it so I haven't reported it. In admin the lead routing has been set to Single User with a user name selected. However, all leads simply remain with 'Anyone' if you complete a form. This means I cannot send a automated email response to the lead user to inform him of his lead. Any suggestions? Thanks Eugene
  6. After the recent upgrade I can not create a lead? There are no fields for first name Last name I have a field for Name Then I get this error! Please fix the following input errors: Last Name cannot be blank.First Name cannot be blank.There are no fields to add First and Last Name Please advise the upgrade must have turned off this part?
  7. Hello Community, I think to remember that I was reaing something about a wway to customize WebLead Forms in the Open Source Edition, can't find it though. I think it was done by doing a manual html form and linking it via api to x2engine! Can someone point me to the link on how to do that and give me an example code? I'm not a programmer, I just learn the stuff I need, therefore I would appreciate it a lot to get such an example. I want to publish the Form on my WordPress Site! Thank you very much! René!
  8. I am using the embeded (Iframe) web lead form on X2engine v2.1.1. I have added a value for the 'Tags' variable, and when the form is displayed on a website, the HTML code does include a hidden variable for 'Tags', but the Contacts data does not seem to have passed this variable (all other form variables work fine). One reason I am trying to use 'Tags' is to identify which webpage the form was submitted on, but it seems to me that 'Lead source' is better designed for this than 'Tags', is there a way to capture/pass the lead source from the weblead form? (other than the dafault facebook/google
  9. Good morning, I'm not able to create a lead. The form always tells me to ----------------------------------------------- Please fix the following input errors: Account ID must be an integer. ----------------------------------------------- Do i do something wrong? + i see now that it is a hidden field (Contacts_accountId) .. certainly a number that should be placed by the system automatically... but it doesn't how can i change this? Kind regards
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