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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Guys, I'm currently helping out a few people with X2 and "acting" as their tech-support lol. Here's the current situation. One of my Clients had X2. Email Marketing didn't work whatsoever. So we updated to the newest version. This was a month ago. Re-set up all the SMTP connections and email started working. Then I tried scheduling a campaign to launch. And every time, it seems that it doesn't go off automatically. So I've been manually launching them with the "Launch Now" button. But seeing that I'm not always available to launch campaigns I was hoping someone could suggest a fi
  2. I'm having a problem where, if I try to launch an email campaign, I get a white screen and "This page isn't working, _____ is currently unable to handle this request, HTTP ERROR 500". What can I do to fix this? Thanks.
  3. Trying to use the X2CRM App on iPhone. When I enter our X2CRM web address (https://crm.sportschaplaincy.net.au), press "START", then "LAUNCH", we get the message: "We received an unexpected server response. Please ensure that the address you specified is correct and that your installation of X2CRM is at version 5.5 or above." Address is correct (works in browsers) & we are at version 6.5. We fulfill the criteria... what else do we need to do to fix this? Cheers, Peter
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