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Found 11 results

  1. Is there any way to integrate Google contacts into my X2 installation? Lots of nice features in the Google integration module but I find no way to integrate Google contacts.
  2. To anyone interested. I have long since been looking for an elegant solution for integrating another more flexible form-tool for WordPress with X2CRM. Some other guys tried developing WordPress plugins but I was never able to work with that. I extensively started using Gravity Forms (GF) on all my and customer sites due to its incredible flexibility and ease of use. Using GF I tend to always ask the contact details and then my custom field, which I don't always need in X2, but would like to capture the contact and maybe do some cool automation stuff. I tent to prefer not to hard code, to a
  3. Hi, I am getting the following error when adding the OAuth 2.0 Credentials. Error Code: 500 Error Message: openssl_encrypt(): IV passed is 32 bytes long which is longer than the 16 expected by selected cipher, truncating Stack Trace: [click to toggle display] PHP warning in /var/www/x2/protected/components/util/EncryptUtil.php(159) #0 /var/www/x2/protected/components/util/EncryptUtil.php(159): openssl_encrypt() #1 /var/www/x2/protected/components/behaviors/JSONEmbeddedModelFieldsBehavior.php(242): EncryptUtil->encrypt() #2 /var/www/x2/protected/components/behaviors/TransformedFieldStorag
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Hey Guys, Just wanted to find out if its possible to integrate Microsoft Outlook with x2engine, so if any emails are sent from outlook they can bee seen & stored on the x2engine system. Kind Regards
  6. My Web lead form is on a different server than the CRM. The information in Public Info Settings isn't useful for what I need. What I do need is to be able to set the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header from the CRM so the frontend can access the information in the iframe.
  7. I finally managed to set up an email server and went for the API Integration. I followed the instructions as per the Wiki documentation. The test mail I sent then bounced back with the following error : Reporting-MTA: dns; mail.mydomain.com X-Postfix-Queue-ID: 4CBD126EBF Arrival-Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2014 13:25:21 +0000 (UTC) Final-Recipient: rfc822; dropbox@mail.mydomain.com Original-Recipient: rfc822;dropbox@mail.mydomain.com Action: failed Status: 5.3.0 Diagnostic-Code: x-unix; /home/ubuntu/email-script/emailImport.php: 1: /home/ubuntu/email-script/emailImport.php: cannot open ?php:
  8. Hello all, As a part of our next release I have completely revamped our Google Integration features. In addition to being able to access your Google Drive through the software, logging in with your google account is easier, and you are no longer asked to confirm your permissions on every request. However, as a result of this we will be requiring more permissions if you want to use your Google account with our software. What does this mean for users? 1) Google+ Profile for Google Login: Google's official login script requires use of a Google+ profile to log in with the software. Personall
  9. Hi all, Are there plans on providing a REST API? Otherwise, what is the recommended way to interchange data between X2Engine and, let's say, Business Intelligence software?
  10. Hello, I was wondering if you have already a feature to integrate x2engine with Asterisk PBX solution. Something like the vtiger crm does : The Telephone No. field for the contact or account has the functionality to activate a IP phone call with the Asterisk PBX software, and also receive calls and alert popups while working on the application https://wiki.vtiger.com/index.php/PBX_Manager_Module Thank you!
  11. Hi, Are there plans of integration with Drupal? with another CRM?
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