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Found 4 results

  1. Is there a guide to the various widgets? For example, there is a widget called "top sites". What is the intended use for this widget?What do other people use it for? For example, the message board widget. I tried adding a motivational message and hitting update but nothing seems to update when I refreshed the page things were still the same... What is this widget for and how do I use it?Have I misunderstood this widget or have I hit a bug?What is the intended use for this widget?What sort of tasks is it suited to? I don't mean to sound like such an ignoramus, I'm just having trouble gettin
  2. Greetings X2Contacts users! Today I'm going to explain how you can create and add new widgets to your application. Widgets are small windows on the right of X2Contacts, such as Message of the Day and Chat. Note: adding widgets is an advanced topic and should only be done by a competent PHP developer. Programming the widget can be as simple or as complex as you like; you could just add a permanent link, or it could be an AJAX-enabled control panel for a custom module. That is outside the scope of this guide. We're just going to learn how to add a widget once you've created it. Create a widget
  3. Hey everyone, this is the first of many how-to guides on X2Contacts. Eventually we plan to publish complete documentation for every feature and addon. Today we're covering the Profile Settings page. You can get to this by clicking "Profile" at the top right of the screen, and clicking "Settings". http://x2community.com/images/profile_settings.gif Start Page This is the page you will first see when you log in. The default is "What's New", which shows you a list of records that have changed since your last login. You can select any other tab that appears on the main menu. Results Per Page Th
  4. Hi again! I'd like to talk about one of the coolest features of X2Contacts: the module builder, part of X2Studio. With this powerful tool, you can quickly build entire new kinds of business record to suit your specific needs. Modules are tabs in the main menu (such as "Contacts" and "Sales"). Custom modules might be used for things like real estate, human resources, inventory, or virtually any resource that needs tracking. To create a new module: Log in as admin Go to the admin page and click "Create New Module" Enter a module name Choose labels for up to 5 custom fields. Click "Submit". T
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