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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, on some of my instances I am running, in Grid-view for a module, selecting Column filter to display additional column in the grid, doesn't show all available columns field that are in the record available. These include the ID and Last Updated fields that are default on all records but not in the dropdown list as a column to display in Gridview. The fields do exist in the DB itself and I can see the Last Updated field in the forms view. But not available on the Column filter Drop down. Any suggestions? Thanks Eugene
  2. All of my contact imports have SIC codes attached to them. I'd like to be able to organise the contacts by SIC code, so I can see all contacts that have the same SIC code ID. Is this possible, and, if so, how? Thanks, Portia.
  3. Hi guys, I have a weird issue. On our one machine, using Chrome, if I go to a module and see grid-view of records, in the ID field column filter box, text appears for no reason to filter. The text in this filter is from an old filter exercise and has nothing to do with the ID field even. The net result is that the grid-view then filters and obviously doesn't show anything. I have cleared Chrome cache, cookies and all. On that machine if I log into the instance as other users it does the same in Chrome. On the same machine using another browser its doesn't do it. Also on other machine
  4. Hi there, just started evaluating x2crm and am very much impressed with the ease of customizing modules and fields. I am however struggling with 2 major problems, and was hoping someone could give me some direction: 1. I have created a module to manage data assets, but need to add either a dropdown or lookup field - values from another module. This field needs to be filtered on an entity type in the source value list. for instance: the module data assets has a lookup field called entity type, which is populated with values from another module's field entitytype, filtered on value "Digital
  5. Hey X2, in any of my Gridviews in any module, I am unable to filter the grid using more than one field at the top. Even if the fields are dropdown at the top. This is a bug as previous version didn't have that. I am not sure however since when this is but its been bug'ing me for a while as I need to use multiple filters in a gridview. Is this n know bug? Thanks Eugene
  6. Hi guys, nothing major but is it possible to have a normal grid view with filtering for documents. As with contacts and other modules, documents gets a loooong list of records as most are done as templates. We now have to use very specific naming convention to try and get them. We are managing a couple of hundred docs. A simple grid view of your docs with filter and (possibly) bulk functionality (even limited to change visibility, assignment or link to module) will be awesome and make document management that much easier. Thanks Eugene
  7. Hi guys, a really useful function on both Process and X2Flow list views would be the ability to filter and sort on the column heading. Process are only available in their order of creation. No sorting and no filtering.X2Flow you can sort but not filter. When working with many records as we do, its a mission to find your process or your flow. Thanks Eugene
  8. Is it possible to use the column filters (in X2GridView) to filter by dates? For example, if you want to see opportunities form a specific date (i.e. 01/08/2014) ... is that even possible ? I can't get any date format to work. See attached screenshot.... -David
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