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Found 11 results

  1. I have exported all data from an X2CRM system into a single .csv file, then imported into another X2CRM system, but none of the existing module new fields, new modules, new forms etc. are imported. And how to determine which are the records not imported successfully? Isn't there a way to migrate an X2CRM system to a new system/installation?
  2. Hi, When I select some contacts in the contact Menu (1 or 100), and press 'Export Contacts', I get a wonderful error 500 page : It looks like the application ran into an unexpected error. We apologize for the inconvenience and would like to do our best to fix this issue. If you would like to make a post on our forums we can actively interact with you in getting this resolved. If not, simply sending the error report helps us immensely and will only improve the quality of the software. Thanks! Send Error ReportHere's a quick list of what will be included in the report: Error Code: 500 Err
  3. I need help with x2Packager. I recorded a screencast video, which explains the bulk of the problem... It's short, please watch it. https://youtu.be/t3ilT0AYIBU I want to know: * How to use x2Packager * Did I export and import correctly? * Do I need to export, unzip, rezip, and import again? If anyone is able to provide a step-by-step file or video?
  4. EDIT: Updating this post to reflect new information as of December 19, 2012. Please note that any posts below from previous dates DO NOT reflect correct information. The preferred method of updating X2CRM is using our built in automatic updater. Automatic updates take a little bit of time to test and as such our release schedule tends to be that we release the new version for download in the afternoon or at night and then the automatic update is available the next day. Upon login as admin you will be prompted to update your software. Follow the instructions provided and it should be a seamles
  5. Hi I export my accounts or contacts and the system says it has been successful but I cannot locate where it has saved the file? Any help? Craig
  6. Hi guys, is it possible to export the contact as per EXPORT feature but to include the tags on the contacts. I am sure the previous versions had this feature. Thanks Eugene
  7. Hello Community, how can I import Outlook Contacts? I exported Outlook contacts to a csv-file, the problem though is, that the different entries of one contact are not sorted into cullomns but dived by comma in one row. How can I change that or how can I import that? thanks René!
  8. Hello Community, I was wondering how I can export all Fields, FormLayouts and dropdowns. I'm asking because due to some bigger issues with the server I need to completly resetup the system. Now I want to export, contacts, docs, etc.type by type, so that I have a better image of what is imported and was isn't!
  9. Hello Community, I have x2Engine running in WAMP on my x64 Window 8 machine. When I create an Module and export it, that attached fields are not all exported. e.g. I have a dropdown included, which will be coppied but not it's contents. Any Idea why this is happening? thanks René!
  10. Hello Community, just noticed a problem. I was about to import 1600 products into x2Engine, but since only 25, have been imported I did a rollback. Than I tried that again this time 1100 files have been imported and about 500 have not been imported. This time the rollback diddn't work and the Rollback option for this prior import is gone and I'm still stuck with all 1100 products inside my Products list. Any Idea on how I can get all products deleted. thanks René!
  11. Hello Community, got an issue after exporting and importing. The exported Contacts are missing mutated vovals like "Ä""Ö""Ü" and "é*, etc. the same when importing those are just erased. thanks René!
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