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Found 7 results

  1. I created a new user with permissions assigned to view, create, delete, update all modules for Only Assigned. However, once the user creates an Action or call log, there is no Edit icon available to the user. I upgraded the permissions for Update Actions to All Records, which resulted in the edit icon showing up for the user. However, clicking on the same does not have any impact. I see the following error in the Console : ==== Uncaught TypeError: that._frame.dialog is not a function ActionFrames.js?1452300875:188 x2.ActionFrames.ActionFrames.loadActionFrame @ ActionFrames.js?1452300
  2. Whenever I try to edit role permissions, the circle on browser keeps rolling, and I don't get much time to even save it, and then it redirects me back to the edit role permissions screen. Is it a bug or am I missing something here? I am not sure if this has been already solved by X2 engineers or not. I would appreciate it if you guys help me here. Thanks
  3. A complete X2 noob here! I'm building a new quote form. I created a new module and have created and added the fields I need. What I'm struggling with is how to enable the 'add additional line' function that the standard quote form uses. Does anybody know how this is done? Thanks,
  4. Hello, We are in the process of setting up X2CRM on our servers and we've imported some accounts already. Now I would like to assign all the imported accounts to one certain user. Is this possible some how or do I have to go through all of them one by one? If not, would it be possible to assign them to a user via the import? If, let's say, we would remove them and import them once again. Thankful for any help. Best regards, Magnus
  5. Hi Guys, Im new here but I have installed X2 CRM on my server. Everything seems to be working fine. I have created a new module called HRaT (Human Resources and Training). All the fields are visible but when I click on create (to create a new record) the form shows up but it wont allow me to add data as it has all been greyed out. I have attached the screen shot below.
  6. Hello there, I´m a Systems Integrator actually evaluating your software which I think is Great! Congrats! I want to ask you how to make possible for the User or the Group whose created a Campaign to Edit it, not only the Admin. Is it possible? How can I set up this ? Also Wondering if the users of a Group can have the Web Lead Option active, actually only the Admin has It. How can I make available Web Lead for a Specific User or Group? Finally just some tips for the Spanish translation. Your are translating the word QUOTES to "Comillas" and QUOTE to "Cita" . The right ones should be
  7. Hi, You' ve build very flexible and very good script. Thanks for this. But when i try to creat, edit and remove rule i give eror messages. Please help me. Thanks for all Eror messages like this: When edit rule : PHP warning Invalid argument supplied for foreach().../httpdocs/protected/controllers/AdminController.php(409) 397 $editPermissions=$_POST['editPermissions']; 398 $users=$_POST['users']; 399 $model->users=""; 400 if($model->save()){ 401 $userRoles=RoleToUser::model()->findAllByAttributes(array('roleId'=>$model->id)); 402 foreach($userRol
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