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Found 8 results

  1. I accidentally created two dropdowns with the same name and would like to delete one. When I select "Delete Dropdown" nothing shows up in the list. Is there something else I should be doing? Thanks mlm
  2. Hi, I´m refering to dropdown menu in the "call log" tab in "Customers" module. When I translate sentences "Contacted" and "Not contacted" in the language file (or when I set a different language in settings), the dropdown doesn`t work anymore.
  3. Hi there, just started evaluating x2crm and am very much impressed with the ease of customizing modules and fields. I am however struggling with 2 major problems, and was hoping someone could give me some direction: 1. I have created a module to manage data assets, but need to add either a dropdown or lookup field - values from another module. This field needs to be filtered on an entity type in the source value list. for instance: the module data assets has a lookup field called entity type, which is populated with values from another module's field entitytype, filtered on value "Digital
  4. Hi! I am just starting to implement X2 into our small business and we love what it has to offer - so thank you!! The questions that I seek to have answered are as follow, please keep in mind that I am no programing expert but I am up for a challenge: 1) is there a way to create lookup fields as a dropdown list. For example , I would like to be able to have one lookup field that offers me the option to choose between vendors, customers or partners custom module while recording an opportunity. A dropdown lookup field of multiple choice modules reduces the need to have a vendor lookup, a cu
  5. Dear all, I've a question: I've a large amount to data (+/- ) 1000 records (the names of cities of an italian region ....it's true in Italy we are full of cities) to enter in a dropdown field. Is there a manner to avoid to insert one by one, importing them? Thanks Mauro
  6. Hi, I want to know if there is option to create cascading or dependent dropdown list in X2engine. If the feature is available it will be great. regards dhruv
  7. Hello, I realised a problem with the import function: I created my csv files with entries for multiple values, but after importing those values are not added to the dropdown list. Thanks!
  8. I have written some code with a different interface that updates the x2_dropdowns table directly. While the values gets saved properly in the x2_dropdowns table they do not appear in the dropdown field right away and refreshing does not always show them. When do the dropdown fields get loaded? Is there a way to refresh them using code? Would love to do this through an API but I don't see an API for this. Regards, Glenn
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