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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Folks, I new to the X2 Family, great product. I have a few question for the old hands; We develop shopping malls in SA, wherein we manage the retail space leasing aspects of the malls. Which module can one adapt to manage the marketing and surrounding activities for each development ? I have played around with the UI on the Product module so its easy enough to create the fields and dropdowns to store and recall info, but I'm not sure if this is the right direction to take ? (BTW - we don't use the Quotes/ invoicing of the system.) The requirement is to: create the ma
  2. working on some add in modules, mainly for api interaction with other services... starting dev on api plugins and controls for: click2mail didforsale corelogic I'll post up to git hub and update here..... let me know if your interested i helping....
  3. Hi everyone! I'm a UI PM for a new startup company. We're working on a property management CRM webapp and came across X2. We thought this could save us hundreds of hours of dev time if we could use the OpenSource code and reskin the UI. X2 offers everything we need to complete our offering. We'd like to reskin it to look similar to the attached screenshots. I'd like to take the answers to my questions below back to my dev team. Maybe I'm crazy but, I think this is completely doable. Questions: Does X2 offer the level of customization to build something like that? Has anyone been ab
  4. Hello, I am a freelance web developer and I've got one customer using X2CRM that wants me to develop a custom Real Estate module on X2CRM. The modifications would add multiple new database models related to real estate and maybe will also require some redesign of X2CRM's main screen and buttons. I am already experienced with Yii Framework so there's no problem with that. I would like to know what advices do you give me to develop this without breaking the original code and to be able to install updates later. Should I add multiple modules? Or I can develop all the Real Estate functio
  5. I know this has to be done at a programming level. I'd like to add a field checkbox called "billable" to the "Log Time" widget. I found that is created in _timeForm.php however I didn't find the class form for actions where I could add the new field reference in. Could you provide some insight into how to do this? Thanks, Kevin
  6. Hi all, I'm probably posting this in the wrong place but I couldn't find a better one for it, so here we go. I'm developing an application that's going to run outside of X2CRM, however I would like to add some features to X2 eventually and also I would like to share the same user list for ease of administration for both apps. My only question is, how does X2 hash the user passwords? On the Yii framework site they say to use crypt($str, $salt) but the key and hash I got from the database don't look like it came from crypt. I know what my password is, I know what my Hash is, and I know w
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