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Found 14 results

  1. I'm trying to override some configuration parameters: 'sourceLanguage' and 'language'. According the wiki (Customization Framework) I created the file web.php in custom/protected/config folder with the parameters I want to override. It looks like this: <?php $customConfig = [ 'sourceLanguage' => 'ca', 'language' => 'ca' ]; return $customConfig; But, after processing in protected/config/web.php (the real, not the custom), this parameters are null. The real web.php includes the custom if exists and merges its contents but does an array_merge, even if the value is not an array
  2. I am truly impressed with the platform and look forward to future releases. The default theme and only theme is "x2 Engine". We plan on developing our own theme... has anyone else successfully done so? Has anyone come across customization restrictions? Thanks in advance for your comments. daicom3
  3. Hello Again Im getting stuck in creating a formula in a custom field When i use = {c_rental} * {c_shoparea} - works fine, however when i force rounding to 2 decimal point is where my wheels come off. In excel one would use the following syntax = ROUND ( Number, Num_digits ) or =TEXT In my case = ROUND ({c_rental} * {c_shoparea}, 2) or something to this effect spills out an error - Error parsing formula. Input evaluates to an invalid formula: return ROUND ('140.00' * '97.25'), 2); I can get it partially right by using ={c_rental} * {c_shoparea} * 1.00 but results with no d
  4. Hi. I've been working with X2engine since three months and I find it awesome. It's a great tool for micro-companies like mine. I would like to know how can I add custom fields to Accounts and Contacts. I need them to relate my customers db with x2crm. Thanks!
  5. Hello Community, when creating a custom module I get this error: Any Idea why this happens? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I am a freelance web developer and I've got one customer using X2CRM that wants me to develop a custom Real Estate module on X2CRM. The modifications would add multiple new database models related to real estate and maybe will also require some redesign of X2CRM's main screen and buttons. I am already experienced with Yii Framework so there's no problem with that. I would like to know what advices do you give me to develop this without breaking the original code and to be able to install updates later. Should I add multiple modules? Or I can develop all the Real Estate functio
  7. Hey Community, I want to include a Customer Number System. So every Contact, where the "Relationship" Field is set to "client" will get a consecutive number preferably set by x2Engine automatically, since otherwise I could give away a customer number by mistake. Is this somehow possible? I offcourse could create a custom field called "customer number" and make it a "Number" field, but this way it is a lot of work to do. best regards René
  8. Hey Community, got a Problem. I created around 98 custom fields and there are still some to come. The Problem though is, that not all of them are shown inside the "Fields view" and inside the "customize field" and "remove field" view. So it makes it pretty hard to Change some info. regards René!
  9. how to get the value of current date??
  10. how do i create something like recent activity of sidebar?? not exactly the recent activity but similar per se.
  11. i want to record the current date and time of contacts that was added. for that i browsed the database and added c_date_added column in x2_contacts table.i set the default value of that column to current_timestamp. i have also created a date added menu in which u can browse the contact as per the date they were added. so there is my problem. how do i fetch the date from the database ??
  12. Using a custom derivative of X2ClientScript.php in /custom/protected/components/breaks the Captcha functionality such that no Captcha image is displayed. Even if the stock X2ClientScript.php file is copied from /protected/components/ to /custom/protected/components with no modifications at all, Captcha still breaks. Tested version: 4.1.3
  13. In the wiki it's stated that any PHP files located in the /custom directory will get loaded in place of the equivelant file in the application source code. This seems to work perfectly for files in /protected/components, /protected/modules, and others. However, I attempted to customize the /protected/config/main.php file with a replacement in /custom/protected/config/main.php. However, that file was not picked up. The goal is to initialize a custom widget in main.php with all of the core widgets. Is this a bug, or not the proper way to initialize custom widgets in an upgrade-safe manner?
  14. The email feature works perfectly. Is there any way to create more than one "custom message" template to send email? And whats the purpose of "Log a call" option, there is a link which doesnt work . ("http://localhost/x2new/index.php/contacts/1#log-a-call")
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