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Found 9 results

  1. In a custom module (Mymodule), I need to create a custom field (c_custom) for a blob. The "Multiple Line Text Area" offered in X2Studio is too small of a datatype. I need to change the datatype in the db. Easy enough. But what files in X2CRM do I need to change to keep things in sync? (I am not familiar with the file structure of x2crm except what is given in the docs.) And, can I just change the type in the db and the appropriate file of x2crm, or is there code to run to have the file update the database for me? Thanks in advance.
  2. As the title stated, how can I do it step by step? I need an new custom field to classify different action, like something is very important and urgent, need do it later, will achieve object in longer period. I did not find where I can make it. plz help this.
  3. I have got my first x2 setup looking great and ready to use, but i have just added my first user and the name field at the top of my custom module is missing is this hidden due to user roll am i unable to change this in the community edition? An answer would be appreciated have checked my custom fields nd checked that this is not hidden but o resolution so far see attached screenshot this is the default name field.... Many Thanks Matt
  4. Hi, I have just installed X2Crm on my server and am absolutley itching to get working on a sales lead database for my brothers company. The software looks like it has masses of potential and im really looking forward having a play!! However, Im trying to make a custom database and I am experiencing a bit of a 'bug' when I try to add a custom field. I have since isolated the problem to custom fields that are specified as "single ine text" entries. What I am Doing to Produce the Error / Bug / Unexpected Result I have installed X2CRM at http://salesforce.granada-cloud.co.uk. I have then p
  5. Hello I would like to add a Percent field on the contact form. I did not see a drop down that would work
  6. We have some custom fields like Alternate address fields and four different phone number fields (fax, mobile, home, office). Once custom fields have been created, what is entailled in making those fields accessible to the users? Is it a matter of customizing the forms in the php scripts? Also - Importing from a CSV file and only first line (following header) is being imported. Am guessing might have to do with line breaks. Plan to open the CSV's in TextWrangler and make sure line breaks are UNIX.
  7. Hello, I created a custom field (checkbox), but it`s shown as disabled in the new contact form. How can I enable it? Thanks.
  8. I can recreate this bug by the following: 1. As admin, create a new managed field in 'Quote' module. (Field Name: 'fieldOne', Attribute Label: 'Field 1', Type: Number, Required: Yes, Searchable: Yes) 2. In form editor, edit 'Quote' moudle 'Form (defualt)' and 'View (default)' to display new field 'Field 1'. Observed behavior: When adding or editing the record, the field is not required (no red asterisk and allowed to be blank). Expected behavior: A red asterisk should appear signifiying it is required, input checking should be preformed and the record not added/updated without the input
  9. When creating custom fields in custom module, the date is saved in database as varchar. Then using it in form causes problems in edit - the date conversion function expects number - and dies. I've changed the field manually in database to int.
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