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  1. Is there any way to integrate Google contacts into my X2 installation? Lots of nice features in the Google integration module but I find no way to integrate Google contacts.
  2. Hi All, I'm trying to add the weblead to my site but when I'm testing it, its not creating the contacts when submitting a form. My web lead can be found here. I also configured the web lead distribution and tried with and without the "Gerenate lead" option checked. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I've been using X2 for a while to do simple things like send email campaigns and manage contact lists. I would like to graduate to some simple workflows now and am having a little trouble. The workflow I'm trying to test right now is simple: start condition: [user On List "FOO"] next action: end So I created this workflow and attached the start condition to my list FOO, which had a single user already in it. As I expected, I didn't get a post to the activity feed. However, I then added a new user to the list (it's a dynamic list, if that makes a difference), and I also didn't get
  4. Hey Guys, So i've imported a large number of contacts to my system however, now i need to create relationships to a new module that i created called "Company" & Accounts. As their are a large number of contacts, companies and accounts is their a quick way of linking all the modules together through the front end or is their a way of relating the modules through the back end. Thanks
  5. Sorry for this question but I can't figure out how to delete all my contacts since I import the wrong file. Thanks, Stefano
  6. Hi, I have recenty come back to X2 after not using it for a while and have been having some problems. I frequently import data, but want each import to be segregated into it's own list. The logical way to do this is to either add an automatic tag in each import and group data by tags, or to set the rules in the list to "Create date equals today". However, I have tried both of these methods to no avail. It seems the rules are just not working. This means contacts from previous imports have made it into multiple lists, and have subsequently been sent duplicate emails. I can't see any pattern t
  7. All of my contact imports have SIC codes attached to them. I'd like to be able to organise the contacts by SIC code, so I can see all contacts that have the same SIC code ID. Is this possible, and, if so, how? Thanks, Portia.
  8. I have been unable to figure out how to mark a contact as "do not email". After some digging, I've realised there should be a simple check box present on the contact's page, but I don't have that. Can anyone explain to me how I fix this, or if there is another way to blacklist a contact from being included in a mass email? Thanks.
  9. Hi! I often use static lists. When my list over 100 contacts, when I check all contacts, has options: "All 100 contacts on this page have been selected. Click here to select all contacts on all pages." like picture: When I choose click here, my site show: "All contacts on all pages have been selected (311 in total). Click here to clear your selection." And I choose option in More, 2 options: Add selected to list and New list from selected not working though I add to existing static list or create new list.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. The Need: I have a Module2 that creates a Field e.g. Membership Status, and I want to update a field back in the Contact record that the Module2 record is linked to. i.e. I want to Contact to have a Membership Status field that is derived from the Membership Status field in Module2. SCENARIO: I have a Contact in the Contact Module. I then have Module2. Using the name field it does the lookup and links to the contact in the Contact Module. I can see the relationship between the two when viewing either record in Contact Module and the Module2. I can successfully get fields from the Con
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Hi guys, I am trying to update various CONTACT records at the same time that are spread across a couple of visible pages. Using the multiple select tick box in the contacts view, selecting CLICK HERE to select on all pages. So all contact records that should be influenced by the update is selected spreading over a couple of screens is correct. Then More dropdown with UPDATE FIELDS OF SELECTED. I make my changed and OK but nothing fires. This function worked fine previously to update large volume records. I am viewing 100 (maks) records at a time. I can easily use the function to update a
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Hi guys, I am trying to make a new lead & contact via lead webform's visibility be private when created by the system. We are trying to keep leads and their contacts private before allocating them to Users. I have set the visibility field settings for both Leads module and Contacts module as default Private to try and achieve this. But still if a lead is generated by a webform and it creates its related contact record, both records are still Public visible and thus all can see. It takes the admin or record owner to manually update visibility to private. Is this a fixable bug? Tha
  16. Hey, See attached image. I am currently trying to import a large CSV file of contacts to the X2Engine however, every time i try to import i am met with a loading page and nothing further occurs. I have tried changing the batch size but that has no effect. I have also broken the CSV file into a couple thousand but that also doesn't work. Is there any way of fixing this? Kind Regards
  17. Hi guys, again with a super annoying disappearance trick. Similar to some previous posts where pages don't load resulting in blank screens. For some time now this is happening on individual contacts in their view mode. I cannot establish why it happens or to which contacts. However, yesterday a contact we worked on was fine in all views. He emailed us and I logged his email onto his account. Back to the contact doesn't show when loaded. Complete blank screen. No code comming in. Inspect element just says error 500. I can access his record in EDIT mode, but not view mode. My only work aro
  18. Hi guys, is it possible to export the contact as per EXPORT feature but to include the tags on the contacts. I am sure the previous versions had this feature. Thanks Eugene
  19. Hey guys, So i tried to import some contacts into the system however, i received this message & i'm not sure what the problem is. I have attached an image so you can see what i see when i try to upload any contacts.
  20. Hey Guys, I'm currently customizing a form however when i attempt to create the same layout in another module i don't have that option available. Is there a way around this in which i can use the same or similar layout for another module. Thanks
  21. Hi guys, not sure if its my installation now maybe or something bigger. Some of my contact also go blank if you select them. Similar to the issue we had in another thread with the Profile view. Would it be advisable to maybe backup my DB and reinstall the total application maybe? Or do you guys have some script or something that can maybe 'clean' any incorrection in the database or so. What happened is I was working on contacts, sending mails etc. And then following up on a contact that received and responded to mail, and the contact screen loads blank. Using Tools i can get to the recor
  22. Hi guys, all my contacts are assigned to a user. When I change the assignment to Anyone, it disappears, even from the admin. The record is however in the database and I have to go into the DB and change the Anyone back to 'someone' for it to appear again. I went though all my security setting and not sure which setting creates this. i was thinking about the Default Role maybe but then why does Admin also not see it. Any suggestions? Thanks Eugene
  23. Hello Community, how can I add more fields and rearange the once already existing in the "quick contact" tab? thanks!
  24. Hey Community, I would like a second contact module to devide between clients and suppliers. I know I can generate that module myself, but this will be a lot of work. Therefore at least a function to make a copy of the Contacts Module and call it differently. regards René!
  25. Hello, I have a problem When I export my contacts from Outlook as "CSV-Files" they look like: Title, "firstname", "other firstnames", "last name", "company" etc. (this is one row) the next row is the contact details devided like the categories above. every row has one contact. How can I import this to x2engine (free edition) in order to use them with my contacts tab? thanks!
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